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Mityana residents ask Mugisha Muntu to form an Alliance with Kyagulanyi

Mugisha Muntu after campaigning in Kassanda trading center on Tuesday

Mityana, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Residents of Mityana and Kassanda districts have tasked the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Presidential candidate Rtd. Gen. Greg Mugisha Muntu to form an alliance with National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and defeat President Museveni. 

The voters at Zigoti, Kabule, Mityana town and Kassanda challenged Muntu to add his weight to that of Kyagulanyi if the opposition is to change the leadership of the country.  Muntu was on Tuesday campaigning in Mityana and Kassanda districts. 

While campaigning at Kabule trading center in Mityana Municipality, Nabboth Mwetise told Muntu that fielding a single candidate against Museveni is the best strategy to oust Museveni. 

In Kassanda, the residents asked Muntu to work together with Kyagulanyi to challenge Museveni.  They argued that since Kyagulanyi is the popular opposition presidential candidate, Muntu should join him. 

Responding to the demands, Muntu said that there is still room for unity but explained that they should avoid conflicts amongst the opposition.

Muntu faulted Museveni for not addressing the issue of corruption, land grabbing during the campaigns. 

In October while addressing a press conference, presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta said that forming an alliance and fielding a single candidate against Museveni is the worst strategy for the opposition. 

Kabuleta argued that the best way to defeat Museveni is for the opposition to front as many candidates as possible so that Museveni fails to garner many votes.  

There have been several attempts by the opposition to form an alliance and field, one candidate, to contest with Museveni. 

In the 1996 presidential elections, Uganda People’s Congress and the Democratic Party fronted Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere. In 2001, the Opposition supported former Forum for Democratic Change-FDC President Dr Kizza Besigye under Reform Agenda. 

Five years later, there were attempts to field one presidential candidate under The Democratic Alliance-TDA. However, the opposition was not successful after they failed to agree on who should be the joint candidate.



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