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Michela Wrong’s war on Kagame

THE LAST WORD: How racial prejudice led The Guardian to publish an article that is basically a hit job on Rwanda

THE LAST WORD | ANDREW M. MWENDA | On January 14, The Guardian newspaper in England published a 5,800 word long article by Michela Wrong titled “Rwanda’s Kashogi.” It accused President Paul Kagame of Rwanda of complicity in the murder of former Rwandan spy chief, Patrick Karegyeya. Wrong makes no effort to substantiate her claims with even the most rudimentary evidence. She relied on a litany of rumours.

The article is silent on why it has taken the South African authorities five long years to bring the case to court. Karegyaya was killed in Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, an upscale area of Johannesburg. From the car park to the reception of the hotel, one goes through four cameras, from the reception through the elevators to the rooms, another three to four cameras. Is it possible that the murderers of Karegyeya would walk into the hotel, kill him and leave without being recorded on the CCTV cameras?

The article only suggests that the South African authorities will present 30 witnesses. But does not mention any evidence from CCTV recordings. Did Rwanda have capacity to destroy this evidence in a South African hotel? This is where Wrong’s biases blind the journalist in her.

Secondly, Wrong disregards accusations government of Rwanda has made against Karegyeya i.e. that his political party, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), works with the FDLR rebel group, remnants of those who committed the 1994 genocide and which it accuses of terrorism. I met Wrong in London in 2014 and gave her information I had acquired privately about the link between RNC and FDLR. She did not mention it even once in her long article.

It is possible Wrong did not trust me, which is fine. But it is intriguing how she disregards accusations of the government of Rwanda against Karegyaya and his RNC. It is clear from the article that Wrong thinks Kagame personally and those he works with generally are bloodthirsty. That is why she accuses them of killing Karegyeya without any compelling reason. It also leads her to compare Karegyeya with Saudi journalist, Jamal Kashogi. Yet while Kashogi was only voicing dissent against the Saudi government, Karegyeya is accused by Rwandan intelligence of involvement in terrorism.

If the government of Rwanda were convinced Karegyeya was involved in terrorism, wouldn’t they be justified to assassinate him just like the government of the USA was justified in killing Bib Laden? America, Britain and Israel are everyday hunting for terrorists and assassinating them. In all these cases, the government is the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner of the sentence. Wrong’s article is silent on this vital issue.

It is possible Rwanda had wrong intelligence on Karegyeya’s involvement in terrorism. However, governments act on the basis of the intelligence they believe, not on objective truths. Therefore, even if the government of Rwanda killed Karegyeya, it would only have done so because it believed he posed a severe and immediate threat to her national security. Wrong ignores this.

Karegyeya had been a chief of intelligence in Rwanda. During his tenure he built a close relationship with then South African vice president, Jacob Zuma and the Tanzanian foreign minister, Jakaya Kikwete both of who later became presidents of their respective countries. When he ran away from Rwanda, he went to live in these countries causing their relations with Kigali to turn hostile. Shouldn’t an article on Karegyeya’s death attract a sentence on what nations do to their intelligence officials who turn rogue?

Wrong is blind to the existence of other threats to Karegyeya’s life. For example, he had been a chief of intelligence in Rwanda and in that capacity he must have stepped on many people’s toes. Didn’t these people have motive to kill him? Besides not long before his death, the family of a Rwandan-Burundian musician, Chris Matata, accused Karegyeya of killing the musician over a woman. Didn’t this family have motive to kill him?

The time it has taken the South African authorities to bring this case to court even further suggests the possible involvement of Pretoria in Karegyeya’s death. I did explain this theory, backed by circumstantial evidence, to Wrong when we met in London. Someone tipped me off that Rwanda intelligence had been involved in a misinformation campaign against Karegyeya with South African intelligence.

Apparently Rwandan intelligence deliberately leaked information to South African intelligence suggesting Karegyeya was working on reconciling with Kigali and would soon return home. The South African intelligence had been involved with Karegyeya in anti Rwanda operations, themselves linked to rich mineral deals in Congo DR. This source told me that South African intelligence feared if Karegyeya reconciled with Kigali and revealed their dealings he would cause them a lot of embarrassment. They moved quickly to eliminate him. I shared this theory with Wrong in London. My source was an American intelligence officer, and I shared this with Wrong. Why did she ignore this?

This is where Wrong and other Western journalists reveal their true colours of racial prejudice. When Obama kills bin Laden, it does not make him a murderer. Indeed during his presidency, Obama’s regime announced proudly almost daily and routinely its assassination of “terrorists.” In all these cold-bloodied killings, Obama and his CIA were investigators, prosecutors, judges, the jury and the executors. No single Western media or journalist referred to Obama as a cold bloodied murderer, never mind in Libya and Iraq, these guys can be legitimately accused of mass murder.

While journalists like Wrong see themselves as holding their governments to account, they actually promote the racial prejudices of their societies and the sadistic imperial policies of their governments against people in poor countries. The constant projection of governments in Africa as corrupt and murderous only reinforces the racial prejudices of their societies and justifies their government interventions in poor countries to promote regime change with disastrous consequences as we have witnessed in Libya and Iraq.

Karegyeya introduced me indirectly to Wrong by suggesting I read her book, In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz. I loved it in large part because she demonstrated that the claims that Mobutu Sese Seko looted $8 billion from Zaire were spurious. This led me to believe she is free of the stereotypes on Africa that blind her colleagues from assessing governments in Africa with impartial lenses. But her articles on Rwanda expose that even her she is not free of the racial prejudices of Western journalists on Africa. On Rwanda, she has done a hit job.



  1. Mwenda, you and your Rwanda’s boss the innocent blood will hunt you up to the fosse, because you make hell many live of Rwandans. Do you remember that your boss has accepted openly and officially that he has a hand in PK death during breakfast prayers and ask pastors and other to do the same?
    Remember that the blood of innocent Rwandans (and Ugandans, Burundians, DR Congolese, etc…) that you and your bosses you continue to shed EVERYDAY REQUEST GOD TO REVENGE FOR THEM AND PUNISH WHO HAD KILLED THEM…..God is not human to accept your lies and corruption, accepted or not ANY DAY GOD WILLING HIT YOU TO REVENGE ALL BLOOD YOU CONTINUE TO SHADE AND POVERTY WHICH YOU FORCED RWANDANS TO LIVE IN, WHILE YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES LIVE MORE THAN KINGS, QUEENS, PRINCES LIFE with more than 3 new generation jets, villas in all over the advanced countries, etc….CURSE ON YOU…..

    • You Josaphat, it seems that you don’t like Rwanda and Rwandans. Do you know how many innocent Rwandans were killed by those karegeya killers by throwing grenades in markets and other public places. Why didn’t youbshow your opinion at that time? You are just criticising Mwenda for his wise analysis. By the way, don’t you know that it is said in English that Justice delayed is justice denied. How can it take more than 5 years to take the case to court when South Africans were saying to have more than 30 witnesses. What is your argument when South Africans do not mention CCTV cameras when it is known that the hotel in which Karegeya was killed had plenty of them as mentioned by Mwenda. If I am not mistaken, I think that you are also a Kigarasha working with other Bigarasha. In French, it is said that: les chiens aboient, la caravans passe.

  2. Do you have a point beside the one on your forehead ? It’s obvious someone has paid you to write this nonsense. The regime it self has not denied killing karegeya. Mwenda you are just greedy assholes fuck off you Dick head !

  3. Lovely article!

  4. Mwenda is a special journalist known as a mercenary, on the payroll of Kigali. Otherwise, how does he use one wrong to justify another? Mwenda says that Obama was right to have Osama eliminated extrajudicially, and therefore, Kagame was right to bump off Karegeya.
    Is this logical? To say that once a superpower commits a crime, the crime becomes a benchmark for banana republic?

    • Africans, come on, what Mwenda tries to highlight here is that, why didn’t Wrong or any other Western journos denounce Bin Laden assassination like they did for Karegeya yet both were under terrorism accusations.

      He asks why it feels right fo US to kill those it calls terrorists but not Rwanda?

      • You’re reading well and you understand what you read! As for the others I don’t understand why they’re stuck with very basic words of English!

    • But honestly, how can u compare Osama and karegyeya?! Osama had attacked many nations and what evidence is there that kareggyeya is the one who was throwing those boom’s in kigali

  5. Dear Andrew Mwenda, what do you make of the fact that during the inquest there was a letter from the South African police or prosecutor stating that the suspects in Karegeya’s assassination were linked to the Kigali government? Why do you say that Ms. Wrong accused the Kigali government ‘without a shred of evidence’? Was the South African prosecutor hallucinating when they wrote the said letter?

  6. This so called josaphat let me tell you that we support mwenda views (I hope you will understand why WE) on the death of karegeyya. Rwanda has no direct interest whatsoever to have karegeyya disseappear. The only wishes for banya- rwanda was to have him and share what he knew about his link with FDLR and others bloodshed like him. We have had about the death of banyarwanda. But for the * IBIGARASHA* let them perish.

  7. I pity africans like Simon Kaire who believe and justify the western powers killing their enemies and when it comes to africans he faults. You should first liberate your mind and talk straight.
    Pity on you and your folks!!!

  8. @ my friend Andrew, The Banyarwanda and other many people all over the world know the fate of Karegeya.
    He is a hero because, undoubtly was killed because he challenged repression, oppression, supression, brutality and arrogance by Kigali rulers. He bravely raised his voice for the Rwandan masses suffering.
    @ Mwenda, make an opinion survey about Rwandans views about him, they will tell you their grief.

    it’s not an issue of sentiments, support or any connection to late Karegeya, no. but who would not atleast symphasize with Rwandans like Karegeya and others terrorised, killed, harrassed, etc when they challenge the rulers on issues of governance? who would not?
    People face such hash ultimate price because they dare propose alternatives on issues of governance .

    Don’t disappoint me @ Mwenda.
    How do you compare Osama fate whose even world opinion was what USA did?

    leave me alone.

  9. You josaphat in case of course your really name is josaphat. I do not think we can waste our time by share some of our comments/views against yours. But let me tell you that the true about you and all your supporters will be revailed one day. Before accusing the government of Rwanda make sure to have a strong arguments and tangible evidences. We banyarwanda are ready to face any sort of your accusations. We have done nothing wrong about the case of karegeyya.

  10. An artificial quarrel is no quarrel .This mentality that an African’s poor body is at the mercy of presidents should stop.The last time i checked Rwanda was at peace.

    No one in their right state of mind should compare the politics of Africa and the Arab world.Most of the Arab world is either governed by the monarchs or Sharia law.

    Jamal Kashogi seems to have been very conscious of his movements coz he knew he was on the hit list of Saudi Government. i personally think that the woman he was planning to marry had a hand in his assassination.

    I did not contribute to previous 2 articles.
    URA’s unnecessary building: Of course Andrew was right to say it was a poor investment strategy by URA because;
    1.URA ‘s goal is to make money not to save money.
    2.URA collects taxes from property owners inform of ground and property tax so if they run away from paying rent how will the land lords pay taxes?
    3.Decentralization of services is the way to go why should a businessman drive all the way to URA offices to sort out his tax issues?isn’t that waste of time?

    Loyalty ….Example of Komakeck: Most Ugandans love to act when they are offering services to the rich. I think Mr. Komakech who Andrew claims served him with passion when he stopped to fuel his car was because he could have seen Andrew’s expensive car( Ugandans love expensive cars) Recently i was on my way to the airport so i told my driver to use the Munyonyo route what did i find? i found that the road was blocked for security reasons i then told my driver we should turn back he said since my car was expensive he was just going to switch on the hazard lights(double indicators)guess what the security guys did not even stop my car.

    2.Normally people who are loyal are always exploited.
    3.Many innocent women have acquired HIV coz of Loyalty.

  11. For starters @ Andrew is just stating his opinion, analysis based on his personal findings. What we literally call freedom of speech. If you think he is wrong or mis- informing us he stands to be corrected. Personally i read the artical by wrong and clearly there was prejudice since wrong clearly illustrates president Kagame as the brain behind the fateful assination with no substatial facts but on assumptions. Notebly Rwanda will be hosting the common wealth next year, Given her (RWANDA’s) fantastic record on corruption, social economic progress and infrustructure all of which have been championed by His Execellency Paul Kagame. Its no brianer that writers like Wrong have chosen to draw negative imaginations about the current regime and intentionally failed to see real achievenents of the regime.

  12. You should not spoil all your time replying Menda. Mwenda is a parasite. Is well known. He could do every thing to get money.

  13. And if rwandans had killed karagegeya we will proud of doing so.!!

  14. Read my comment on previous article by Mwenda about the URA building. I will rest my case but I see some panic in Mwenda and his thugs in both governments. See when you play dirty for so long you forget that there can be hard changes coming your way. The faceless men are being revealed now.

    The panic button is on now and believe me if I was Mwenda I would be keeping a one way ticket out of Uganda soon. Ugandans may seem stupid to Mwenda and his corrupt and evil friends but they are the masters of the waiting game. I predict none of you can enjoy what you have stollen.

    Even investments for your grandchildren will be varified.

    Continue playing the Russian roulette

  15. Dear Mwenda, keep it up. A true pan Africanist through journalism


    A piece of advice to Michela and her supporters!

    Michela, get time and sit comfortably in your living room, think twice and re-digest whatever you have ever wrote on H.E P Kagame. If your conscience convince you that you have not gone wrong like a stray bullet as your name, then continue. But allow me to remind you that the person you are attacking is the respected President of an independent state. I wish you can haul such nonsense attacks to the president of your country and get a sour lesson

  16. The one and only person who is responsible for Karegeya’s death is Karegeya himself and the case should be pursued by academicians; not back-logged,snail-pace-moving, bribe-eating judiciary.That fellow was in liaison with 1. Kabuga(mass-murderer supremo) 2. FDLR (an organisation whose sole purpose of existence is kill,plunder,rape) 3.Undergrounds (narcotraficantes, gun-runners,lobbyists) 4. Scavengers (entertainers,prostitutes,witchdoctors and homosexuals). Isn’t it a miracle this fool lasted this long? It is impossible for any investigator to find out who starngled karegeya because the culprit(s) were so smart that they froze the cameras remotely. The reason the Judiciary is coming back to the case is because it is a gold mine that will make money from both plaintiff and defendant…..No wonder simple straight-forward cases drag on indefinitely or are postponed sine die mbu waiting for investigations to be complete (even when the culprit is confessing they still call them ‘suspect’ ) so the parties will raise the stakes. I can authoritatively state that Karegeya’s death is ‘suicide’. If the fellow wished to live, he should have come to Kigali son after after being sentenced.

  17. ejakait engoraton

    Here MWENDA as a mourner at a funeral, is wailing more than the bereaved. It is the case of a counsel who is fervently defending a suspect who has admitted their crime. All the counsel is doing is bringing in technicalities in order to justify his/her hefty fee.

    AS far as I am concerned, KAGAME rather arrogantly or as a warning to other real or imagined enemies/opponents, did not deny the fact that the killing had something to do with RWANDA. In fact , he did send out a stern warning that this would not be the last killing of someone suspected to act against the interests of Rwanda ( Kagame).

    And the most important question is, is this the first killing, inside or outside of Rwanda of people believed to be against the so called interests of Rwanda, going back as far as the time the RPF came to power, and not just individuals but probably groups of people..

    As far as MWENDA is concerned, governments all over the world carry out killings of people they believe to be a danger to their interests, so this is ok ……….. until the day that person will happen to be MWENDA.

    Watch the space.

    • Ejakait, permit me to differ. Mwenda is not only defending his friend and employer but also has locus standi. When Rwanda is mentioned, Mwenda automatically comes in as a (i) friend of Rwanda (ii) citizen by virtue of having taken a bride therefrom and is obliged to defend it in war (iii) sibling of Kagame by virtue of Kagame having been brought up,fed,educated,medicated,protected and pampered unreservedly by all that Tooro (Mwenda’s home) could give….this makes them bonded blood brothers.
      Having above established Mwenda’s duty, commitment, responsibility and obligation to defend Rwanda and Kagame, renounce your (Chinua Achebic) statement that he mourns louder than bereaved….he is the bereaved whenever Rwanda is threatened.
      Kagame’s non-denial of a killing that happens 3500 kms away is not admission. What he implied is that people who do their countries mischief always finally pay for it by other means. It is like a curse that affects a cursed long after the curser is dead. I will give you a some examples where Rwanda and kagame’s enemies were killed without even kagame being aware of it.
      1. in January 2012, the commander of FDLR (Gen Mugaragu) was killed by a MaiMai commando in the jungles of Congo, hundreds of kilometers from the Rwanda border. This was murder because he(MaiMai commando) found him(FDLR general) in his tent sleeping at night. Now that FDLR was at war with Rwanda, was Kagame the killer?
      2. In October 2015, one Rev Mtikila (an avowed critic of Kagame, hater of all Tutsi and host of FDLR) had just delivered a thunderous diatribe about the intent of Tutsi Hima empire tht was in ‘making’ so as to enslave the rest of the people in east and Central Africa, when the car he was traveling in in Morogoro rolled several times and when it came to rest, Rev Mtikila was dead, 1200 kms away from Kigali…..was this too the work of Kagame?
      If an enemy of Rwanda dies thousands of kms away and Kagame says “we shall finish them one by one”, it is a military tact of making gullibles to fear him even more. Otherwise the fellow is as human as you and me and cannot fly or perform as God. Being Rwanda or Kagame’s enemy does not make you immortal or imply that it is only Kagame’s agents who will kill you……several other causes of death will still get to you because you are mortal.

    • He he, the banyankole say, buri kakoko keine emifere yako

  18. Andrew Mwenda is a ranter. Andrew wonders why he is not mentioned in Wrong’s article which appeared in the guardian or at least his “investigations?” To Andrew: Wrong is not your PR. If Mwenda made investigations, he owns a publication, why didn’t Mwenda publish those investigations in his own publication? The investigations could have “merited” according to Mwenda but maybe not to Wrong’s standards. Mwenda, one man’s meat,……..?

    Mwenda no longer “sells” he has got to refocus and restrategize. Wrong’s article states all the things Mwenda is complaining about but maybe he wanted to show cause as to why his bankers should continue be paying up. For instance, he asserts that Wrong disregards the link between the RNC and FDLR. That’s not the case. Wrong actually makes that connexion only that she finds it be a concoction of the Kagame regime. This is what she notes: “The government in Kigali has in the past accused the RNC of emerging forces with the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, a DRC based group made up of former soldiers and members of the Hutu Interahamwe militia- an allegation calculated to shock members of the Tutsi elite.

    Maybe, I should point out what Mwenda has decided to “disregard” in this article. In a 2014, Human Rights Watch Report- Wrong notes, detailed 13 cases of former RPF politicians, military figures, intelligence agents and journalists who had fled Rwanda and had been assassinated, kidnapped, and, or, attacked in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and the UK as victims who shared a “common profile.” Despite government officials’ tendency to present Rwanda’s story as one of beleaguered Tutsi minority fighting for survival in a Hutu dominated society, most of those being targeted have been both former RPF insiders and Tutsi (by tribe) ”
    Her caption couldn’t be far from the truth. In Rwanda there is a “new classification” of people away from the traditional classification of the Hutu and Tutsi. It is a “subsection” of the Tutsi called the “Bakicumu” in Kinyarwanda “the survivors.” This is the group that Kagame is targeting. It involved his own physician, Dr. Kasakure (now rip), Grande Ndengeye and Kizito (a singer.)
    This is how Wrong summarizes Kagame. “In certain quarters, the reed- thin (indicating Kagame’s wobbly thin physical malnourished appearance), soberly suited president enjoys the kind of uncritical adulation abroad once lavished on Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi.” “Kagame has turned Rwanda in a land of sudden disappearances, mysterious car accidents, arbitrary military detention, torture and constant surveillance. That is Wrong and not me.

  19. Accept a friendly ‘point of information’ Rajab. 1. Dr Gasakure (RIP) was born in Rwanda but ran out during the 1973 genocide. He fled with his parents to Burundi, where he studied up to University, then to France. He is not a “Bakicumu” He came back to Rwanda after 1994 just like Kagame. 2. Barry Ndengeye (who you call Grande) is a Hutu from Gisenyi (homeground of President Habyarimana) It is even said he participated in looting in 1994 (real career then was a sign-post painter) and his accomplices(all in jail) covered up for him after they were given some money. He never lost a single relative in the 1994 genocide 3. Kizito is a “Bakicumu” whose entire family was annihilated during Tutsi genocide in 1994. He was a choir-boy composer who should have remained the under-dog he was but as fate would have it, the new order raised him up to France Music Conservatory, instantly making him a star. However an up-start poseur who imitates high-class people that he pretends to have been born into, he became ambitious and was instantly recruited into state-enemy ranks……unfortunately he was caught too early and he was incarcerated (later forgiven) but there is one stain that he will live with forever…..when he was invited to perform during the genocide memorial mourning week, he demanded money and when it wasn’t paid , he refused to even attend….the irony is that his parents and siblings remains are interned in that same same place. Kizito is a loafer.

  20. Col. Patrick karegyeya was murdered by kagame. it’s no secret, Mr Mwenda can do his job of defending kagame which is ok,because his paid alot of money to do that, If am to be honest. however there will be a day when mwenda falls out with kagame and will be hunted down like a dog and will have no where to hide. mwenda you can enjoy kagame’s money for now, but like Ugandans say, “your day will come”.

  21. If PK and his team could pull off the killing of Karegeya with such smooth efficiency, then we must respect their professionalism, the reasons for for killing not withstanding. Karegeya (St. Karegeya as some of you discussants want us to believe he was) was no angel, Karegeya hurt so many people in so many ways and so there were many people who would have loved to get rid of him at any cost and they did, me thinks we are giving too much credit to PK. I unabashedly love the way PK plays his politics, the “Gods of Rwanda” told him that when you betray Rwanda, there is a price to pay, he told all and sundry, now all the “great minds” are saying viola! We told you, he killed “St. Karegeya” really! You just walk into the heart of the “super power of Africa” to one of the super secured upscale hotels, kill a high prized guest and just walk away like that! That is Mossad stuff, not Rwandan. Sorry Rajab and your people. Once, my hero President Museveni, told the world that he wished Presidet Bashir bad luck, with all the enemies Bashir had and still has, he gets killed and they all sing ; “you see, we told you, Museveni has killed Bashir”! Investigate, investigate, show results, talk.

  22. Levi Ndimubanzi

    Rwanda is a country full of lies and hypocrisy. One thing they have mastered is peddling lies and reverse psychology in the media. Always playing victim!
    An Innocent man was killed by the powers in Killing and again on foreign soil….and Kigali claims he was short in a robbery attack. Very laughable!

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