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Meddie Iga; Tree nursery entrepreneur

By the Indepenent Team

Iga enjoyed gardening and landscaping working with his father who owned and ran several tree nurseries in Entebbe. He later turned his passion into business by starting a tree and flower nursery of his own in Makerere.

He says growing plant seedlings is a faster way of turning a shilling into shillings especially with the current growing demand for compound beautification flowers, trees and grass.

Iga grows a variety of flowers and trees including lilies, roses, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, fruits, shrubs among others.

He explains that unlike flowers or vegetables, trees are not perishable in that if your flowers or harvested vegetables don’t sell, you are left counting your losses. “Instead, trees just keep on growing, so you can sell them for more, at the right time,” he adds.

His greatest inspiration though is the fact that the kind of business he operates allows him to take on other field projects like compound designing because of the nature of his job.

Success tips; knowledge management

Iga says starting and managing a tree and flower nursery requires highly technical and specialized production skills, particularly with respect to propagation and germination.

“You require an understanding of the specific growing requirements of each plant and how these growing conditions can be managed to achieve efficient production,” he explains.

He adds that there are some plants or flowers that are poisonous while others grow in isolation and this can only be known through constant training and updates.

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