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Mbeiza explains why Museveni is her friend

By Kibuuka Steven

Margaret Kirisa Mbeiza, woman MP for Kaliro District was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to become the state minister for Economic Monitoring. She failed to go through the vetting process at Parliament and her approval was deferred for further clarification from the president. She talked to The Independents Kibuuka Steven. Excerpts.

How does it feel like being appointed a minister?

Its very good; in fact very good because everyone will fear you and you will be called titles like honourable minister which is very fantastic.

What about when parliament refuses to approve your appointment citing many queries about you?

Its very disgusting because it deprives you a chance to serve your country fully as you wish. Actually, why I am in Kampala now is because I dont have a job as minister and there is no business in parliament. I am just here resting because I cannot go anywhere.

So will this stop you from doing your NRM work most especially mobilisation in Busoga and the whole country?

Certainly not because I am the NRM strong lady in Busoga and the president knows how much I contributed to kick the opposition out of Busoga. I will continue my mobilisation work for the NRM and the president because I strongly believe that the country needs him to develop it further and the NRM.

Has the president ever called you since you were rejected by Parliament?

He called me on Sunday before he left for UK for the Commonwealth meeting and told me that he would handle my issue when he returned and I know he will.

Talking of the president, there has been talk that you are a special friend to the president and that your appointment as a minister came because of your closeness to the president. Is this true and how close are you to the Fountain of Honour of this nation?

The President is my friend, a friend to Busoga where I come from and the whole country.  I think why the president appointed me was because of my great mobilisation of the NRM party throughout the country. Because of him being the appointing authority, I think he clearly saw that I was capable of helping him execute his duties properly. I have been to Kamuli, Isingiro, Ibanda and Sembabule districts campaigning for NRM and I have been using my resources to do the party work. So I think the president has been getting all these reports and that’s why he appointed me.

There is information that on most occasions you have visited the president he has treated you like a VIP. For example last year when you visited him at his Rwakitura home and he had a long private meeting with you, he gave you his escort cars and they booked you into the presidential suite at Rwenzori Hotel; what important role do you play for the nation to deserve such privileges?

The president gave me those privileges because I was his special guest that night and he feared for my life because the journey from Rwakitura to my home is so long and I had left so late.

There have been allegations challenging your mental stability, are you normal or have some degree of madness?

I am not mad at all. Those saying that I am are just feeling bad and are jealous of me because I am young and the president has decided to work with me closely other than them. When I fell sick, the doctors in Butabika [mental rehabilitation hospital] where my friends had taken me diagnosed me with acute malaria and high blood pressure and not mental illness as people allege.

Do you have all the information Parliament needs to approve you as a minister?

I have all the information. I am just waiting for the Speaker to come back so that I present to him the information and clear my image which has been tainted by some people in the media.

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