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Magufuli asks EAC secretariat to cut costs

The regional East African Community (EAC) today admitted South Sudan as their sixth member, as the bloc looked at their summit in Arusha today to further encourage trade and simplify customs duties between members.

The leaders show the communique agreed on.

Other highlights of the day were:

Magufuli tough on costs

Magufuli lashed out at the EAC secretariat over being extravagant, saying while it budgeted for US$ 50 per person at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, it would have save about US$20 dollars if they had held the conference at their headquarters.

He reminded the EAC officials that there was need to save for the sake of the poor people. He stressed the urgency to save expenses. He reminded them that they were there for the benefit of the poor population.

EAC launches new international East African e-Passport

The summit also saw the new Chairman of the EAC Magufuli lead the launch of the new international East African e – passport that will easy transport in the region and internationally. Among others, the document is designed to facilitate the fight against international crime.

Ugandan student wins EAC essay competition

A Ugandan student Azookire Oscar of Luyanzi College in Bweyogere emerged fourth best and got a cash prize of US$ 750 in an EAC essay writing competition among the five east African states.

The competitions launched by President Museveni 12 years ago to sensitize the youth about the benefits of the EAC integration and the role of the youth in the process saw all the finalists get certificates.

The first prize of a certificate and US$1500 went to Simon Sabaya Nolel from Nzumbe SS in Tanzania, second prize went to Beryl Njoki Mungai of Kerugoya Girls in Kenya who won US$1000, third prize went to Iteka Greta of cornerstone Leadership academy of Rwanda . The 5th position went to Irumra Arni Aley of D’Cee Notre Dame De Rohero of Burundi who got US$650.

While handing over the certificates Magufuli insisted on seeing the money for the beneficiaries handed to them alongside the certificates. All the winners had presidential handshakes with all the Heads of state.

It was agreed Museveni and Mkapa handle Burundi. PHOTOS BY PPU

EAC retains Museveni as Burundi mediator appoints Mkapa facilitator

The EAC 17th EAC Summit also clarified that Museveni is the EAC appointed mediator for Burundi and that it has also appointed former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa as lead facilitator. Mkapa will be reporting to President Museveni as mediator.

The host, Tanzanian President Joseph Pombe Magufuli while addressing the summit as the Chairman paid tribute to President Museveni for working tirelessly to enable the parties in Burundi to resolve their differences. He prayed the East African member country gets lasting peace. He looked forward to improved trade among the EAC members.

Magufuli hailed on election, Museveni on re-election, Kagame on referendum

The EAC leaders also congratulated the new Chairman of the EAC  Magufuli upon his recent election to the Presidency of Tanzania and also congratulated Museveni on his re-election that was described by the East African Business Council as Dennis Nkarera as an obvious win. The leaders also congratulated President Paul Kagame upon the successful referendum in Rwanda.

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