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Luwero veterans challenge Minister Kaboyo over compensation pledges

Kaboyo, Minister of State for Luwero Triangle has commissioned a field office in Luwero.


Luwero, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Luwero district officials and legislators have complained to State Minister of Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle about government’s unfulfilled pledges to compensate veterans.

The veterans said that despite contributing to the National Resistance Army War of 1981-1986 that ushered in the incumbent government, they have patiently waited for their compensation package for the last 35 years in vain.

On Friday Alice Kaboyo, the State Minister for Luweero Triangle opened a regional office for Greater Luwero districts constructed by the Office of Prime Minister at Luwero district headquarters.

The regional office is expected to register and the applications for compensation, coordinate, monitor and supervise projects targeting former National Resistance Army fighters in the region.

While opening the offices, Kaboyo said veterans were facing a challenge to travel and apply for their benefits in Kampala city. She said the office has now brought services closer to veterans and the people of Luwero.

Kaboyo noted that over 30,000 veterans who were captured during the registration exercise and the government is committed to ensuring that they are all compensated. Captain Muhammad Mubiru, the Chairperson of Retired Officers and Men for NRA/UPDF in Luwero district welcomed the opening of the office, saying it will save them the cost of travelling to Kampala to apply for projects as well as benefits.

The Luwero LC V Chairperson, Erastus Kibirango told Kaboyo that it is unfortunate that 35 years later, the veterans are still demanding compensation. He said many other have since died in abject poverty.

Denes Sekabira, the Katikamu North Member of Parliament lashed at OPM for wasting funds to build new offices yet it could use it to compensate some of the veterans or start a project for them.

Hassan Kirumira, the Katikamu North Member of Parliament proposed that since the government has failed to compensate individual veterans, it should focus on infrastructure development that benefits all residents.

David Kamugisha, the National Resistance Movement Registrar for Luwero District, said the delayed compensation had made the government less popular and appealed to Kaboyo to cooperate with the Veteran Affair’s Ministry to handle it expeditiously.

Kamugisha said the party lost all parliamentary and several local government slots over the delayed compensation of veterans. But Kaboyo defended the government, saying it has had many issues to handle including the wars that ended fifteen years ago making it difficult to pay all veterans at once.

She revealed that she had already met with the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General and discussed how to ensure this matter is sorted out forever.




  1. Dear MP
    Katikamu North

    I am glad you interest your self in affairs of the veterans

    There is a population in Katikamu subcounty who just happened to be in their rightful homes at the

    wrong time. Having voted Dr. Ssemambo (RIP) as MP, they had plans of going on with the productive life,

    a self sustaining respected community. Having a “garden” near Nakaseeta and a Tactical Headquarter at

    Katikamu catholic church, plus a UNLA detach at Lukomera determined their fate [stories they keep to

    themselves to please others, that is psychological torture]

    After listening to the demands of MPs in Parliament

    I request you to look into the plight of these people, they need the essential services restored to be like

    other Ugandans else where {how do you justify one having three pregnancies without knowing her HIV status?!).

    I thank God that I have lived long enough to present the case of the grass from Katikamu

    Thank you

  2. Dear LC 5 chairperson Luweero

    It is our prayer that the district is looked at beyond the demands of the veterans

    It is true they have demands and these should be attended to

    But I was surprised when the woman MP for Luwero stood up in Parliament to talk about compesation,

    she was told that “Luwero is a special case”

    What does that mean?

    When two different groups exchanged fire and other tact, there was a population that bore all these

    events, no one (to the best of my knowledge) has ever come up to mention the plight of the people

    Yet every body sees the remains of permanent houses and other pieces of evidence to show that the

    area had been progressive

    Until recently several schools had no coat of paint (since end of the war), the people were not even

    mentally rehabilitated; a changed society indeed

    Thanks to the different NGO that rendered a hand

    In silence we remember what it used to be, in silence we marvel at the ways of man, for how else can

    one pretend that what they knew during the formative years of life, was a dream or indeed was it?

    In 1987, looking at the male village mates, heads of families, putting om “kabuuti” in the afternoon, in

    the month of August, was not a dream, none was a veteran!

    I wish you a productive term office

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