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LIVE: Museveni vows to wipe out ADF

President Museveni addressing the nation today. PHOTO PPU

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has described the recent twin bombings in Kampala as cowardly acts, pinning it on ADF rebels that he says the army has defeated before.

“We have fought and defeated them in Somalia. At the right time we shall expose the criminality of these actors that send the young people to commit this criminality,” he said.

He told the nation that ADF has now resorted to urban terrorism following defeat in the rural areas. “It is a matter of time, we shall get all of them”

He urged those in hiding to surrender and face prosecution, and in addition, called on the public to be vigilant.

“ADF Killed Joan Kagezi, Muhammad Kiggundu, Felix Kaweesi, Muhammad Kirumira and Muslim Sheikhs and their attempt to Assassinate General Katumba Wamala landed them in trouble. Therefore come out from hiding or else we shall kill all of you,” Museveni said on national TV.

In his national address, he also said Uganda now has enough vaccines for all above 18 years,  and that the economy will be fully open in January.

“Now that we have vaccines, the message is different. It is, all those above the age of 18 to come out and be vaccinated. Each Health Centre III will have these vaccines. I direct the RDCs and DHOs to mobilise people,” the President said.




  1. After telling Ugandans that he is not Ugandans’ servant or employee, whom does Mr. Museveni still want to impress? Otherwise only criminals, sycophants, idiots and opportunist would still sit in front of their Tv sets to listen to Mr. Museveni’s endless nocturnal idle talks. In other words, except his personal and familial greed, interest and power retention, of what relevance is his swearing to eliminate the ADF?

    Otherwise, according to the law of cause and ripple effect, the problem of terrorism in Uganda is not ADF, but corrupt, unjust, despotic Tin Pot military Dictators and/or Leaders like Mr. Museveni himself; who does not want to leave power. African Dictators think it is their birthright to run the country like personal estate.

    Mr. Museveni is just a shameless human being. Between 1981 and 1985; what Mr. Museveni is condemning the ADF for, is the same condemnation Obote (RIP) was labeling against Mr. Museveni and his NRA. Mr. Museveni is just as a terrorist as Jamil Mukulu whom he is detaining indefinitely. Who e.g. blew up UTC Bus in Semuto during the Luweero debacle? Who blew up an Ambulance in Kapeka, Nakaseke? And who blew up the Fuel reserve tank on 7th Street.

    In other words, Gen Museveni, Matayo Kyaligonza and Pesco Kuteesa (RIP) of this country are as guilty terrorist pigs as the ADF pigs. They all killed (blown up) innocent Ugandans.

  2. President museveni has the potential to wipe out terrorism as long as he handles the hypocrites (kawukumi) in security is as well a matter of national concern that calls for vigilance of all ugandans by reporting those suspected of terrorism

  3. “It is a matter of time, we shall get all of them”.

    Sabalwanyi has spoken.

    Let each of us also do our part as Ugandans, regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, economic status etc… we shall defeat these terrorists.

    • Saddened Ugandan, terrorism is the first born of oppression, injustice, marginalization. etc. In other words Mr. Museveni is the father of terrorism. e.g. where were you in 2018, when Mr. Museveni said that he is the author and master of violence. In other words, you cannot be a master of something without practicing it.

      To author and master violence, one must numb the conscience and that is why although he is one of the the “Problem of Africa, without any human feeling Mr. Museveni casually talk about crushing and finishing off his victims of oppression/injustice.

  4. “…terrorism is the first born of oppression, injustice, marginalization. etc.”

    I disagree. Terrorism cannot be rationalized.

    Let us not lose focus by engaging in anti Museveni banter… this is not the time nor the place… all of us as Ugandans are under attack from a common enemy, which even has foreign backing.

    We would do well to avoid over mixing issues at this time.

    Collective focus is needed for us to defeat this common enemy of all Ugandans.

    Attacking Museveni at this time and in this context exposes the kind of issues that have left many of us disillusioned with local politics.

  5. These ones who their whole life, every breath they take, is wasted on “Museveni is so bad! Museveni must go!”

    You can quote me on this, “Museveni, will go.”

    He will go.

    And all those expecting that his successor will automatically be an angel and that the country will automatically be without problems, they will be deeply disappointed. Facts.

    When the entire focus of each and everything is being turned into “Museveni is so bad! Museveni must go!”, a serious post-Museveni vacuum is being created, exposing our country to the real risk of actual implosion in the absence of a Museveni to hate and blame for everything, and while our country begins imploding into the post-Museveni vacuum created by years of over focusing on “Museveni is so bad! Museveni must go!”, his current critics will likely continue wasting more time hating and blaming Museveni for everything even after he has gone.

    That’s probably one of the reasons why local politicians and voters get bored and keep changing channels… everything can’t be about “Museveni is so bad! Museveni must go!” all the time… first bring something new and meaningful to the table please, the rest will fall into place.

    It’s okay, we still have enough time to shift gears from “Museveni is so bad! Museveni must go!” to making foolproof plans that will ensure our country’s stability and prosperity after forty something years of being headed by one person.

    In the meantime, let us put all differences aside as Ugandans such that we defeat these terrorists properly.

    Let us be focused please.

  6. “…first bring something new and meaningful to the table please, the rest will fall into place.”

    By new and meaningful, I don’t mean a new party with a new colour and new slogans and new symbols and a new idol whose only purpose is to criticize and stir up discontent in the hope of becoming the new Museveni.

    We deserve better. Much better.

    For now, we can work with Sabalwanyi as Ugandans and we first get rid of these terrorists.

    • But Saddened Ugandan, you can’t be a saddened Ugandan but a Sadist. Otherwise, Sabalwanyi’s dictatorship, state terror, murder and injustice cannot become every Ugandan’s collective sin and responsibility.

      Therefore, those advocating and trying to rally Ugandans to join Ssebalwanyi (King of bloodshed) in fighting his wars, are his collaborators in crime and injustice against humanity (justifying injustice).

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