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Lira Catholic Diocese to collect offertory through mobile money

FILE PHOTO: Individuals access mobile money

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Lira Catholic Diocese has resolved to collect offertory from Christians through mobile money.

The move follows the Presidential directive banning church services alongside other public gatherings which attracts a large crowd.

Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok, the Ordinary Bishop of the Diocese advised the Christians to maintain the spirit of offertory collection to help the church.

The move is to be replicated in all parishes so that every family can prepare some offertory to stay in communion with the church.

“When you are sending, make sure that your name is attached so that they know so and so has sent so much money so that Fr. Boniface will produce a list and if you want to cross-check whether your money has arrived he will be in a position of informing those who have sent their offertory and it has arrived for the purpose.” the Bishop said.

Fr. George Ogwal Akaca, the parish priest Lira Cathedral parish says local churches can conduct prayer sessions in a group of people less than 10 in numbers.

Miriam Adongo, a Christian supports the move saying the church has to develop despite the current challenge.

Adongo says the move has been in practice in her church for a very long time before the outbreak of the COVID-19 although most of the money was meant to facilitate church programs not necessarily offertory.

Richard Sam is concerned that not all Christians have access to mobile money and that the persons responsible for the collection should be trusted.

The church in Lira is ready to conduct two services through Radio Wa 89.8 FM. The first mass will be broadcasted at 12:15 am then the second will be broadcasted at 8 am.

“We shall be keeping in touch with the holy spirit where we worship in truth and then in the family which is our primary church, there the spirit of the Lord stays and we shall combine this in the silence of the heart we shall be connected.”



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