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Lango muslim community faction splits from UMSC

Lango Muslim Council leaders together with those from Kibuli pose for a group photo inside Masjid Faizan Madina mosque. URN photo

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A section of Muslims under the Lango Muslim Community (LMC) have joined the Kibuli faction under the leadership of Sheikh Shaban Galabuzi, the Supreme Mufti.

The faction which is currently occupying Lira Primary School land is led by Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Balinda, the Supreme Kadhi-Lango. Balinda has been leading the group since 2013 when he was replaced by Sheikh Jack Nangoye, as the then-acting District Kadhi.

On Sunday, LMC could not proceed with their earlier planned Maulidi festival at Masjid Faizan Madina mosque, because security cancelled it on grounds that it would contravene the Ebola Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs.

However, since some invited officials from Kibuli and other members of the Muslim community had already arrived at the venue, Sheikh Balinda used the opportunity to announce their defection from Old Kampala to Kibuli.

He accused Sheik Ramadan Mubajje, the Mufti of Uganda of not adhering to the UMSC constitution, corruption and bribery, and militarizing his leadership.

During his recent tour in Lango, Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda ordered that all Muslim properties in Lango must be registered under and managed by UMSC, however, Sheikh Balinda rejected the directive saying that the properties at Lira belong to Lango Muslim Community not UMSC.

He advised the Lira city security team to strive to remain independent instead of taking sides and breeding insecurity.

Fahad Matovu, the legal officer at the office of the Supreme Mufti said that the Kibuli faction will offer protection to Muslim faithful under LMC who he says have a right to choose where to belong.

Some county sheikhs in Lango believe that the defection to the Kibuli faction will bring an end to the problems they had endured for a long time.

Faridha Okeng, the chairperson Lango Muslim Women Association implored the leadership to promote unity and eliminate discrimination which has been affecting women Muslims.

Out of the 89 mosques found in the Lango sub-region, 59 subscribe to LMC which has now instituted an interim management committee that will guide the functioning and operations of the office of the Supreme Kadhi.



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