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Kirunda Kivejinja is alive contrary to rumours – Mulago

Second deputy prime Ali Kirunda Kivejinja. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Mulago hospital executive director Dr. Baterana has denounced the false information that has been circulating that second deputy prime Ali Kirunda Kivejinja succumbed to COVID-19.

According to Dr. Baterana, such information is barbaric and is being spread by people with selfish interests, therefore Ugandans should disregard.

Kivejinja was admitted last week and rumor has been circulating on social media platforms that he died of COVID-19. However, Dr Baterana has refuted this saying that the situation is not worrying and that he is improving.

Dr Baterana said he first checked on Kivejinja before addressing journalists and they hope to discharge him in a few days.

When he was asked to explain what the second deputy prime minister is suffering from, he said he is not allowed to disclose information about their patients because it is part of their professional ethics to observe confidentiality concerning patients.

Earlier on, the National Resistance Movement-NRM also refuted the rumour saying that Ugandans should ignore it and that it is being circulated by bad-hearted people.

NRM confirmed that it is true that Kivenjinja is admitted in Mulago referral hospital but in a manageable state.

Dr Baterana further appealed to all Ugandans to take personal responsibility to adhere to COVID-19 standard operating procedures-SOPs. He says if people continue flouting SOPs, Uganda is likely to register more deaths and patients.



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  1. In other words, Jaja Ali Kirunda Kivejinja will never die.

    I also wonder, with one foot in the grave; what Hon Jaja Aggrey Awori still wants to do in Parliament, representing elders, when we already have Jaja Tibuhaburwa representing elders in State House. Oops, my apology because, I forgot that Jaja Tibuhaburwa had already told Ugandans that although he is the president of this country; he is nobody’s servant, employee or representative.

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