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KAWEESI: A look at the man and possible clues to the assassination

His appointment as KMP commandant and later as the Operations director was seen as intended to have him command this cohort. But this put him and his cohort on a collision course with the old guard in the force who felt sideline. Some say, this earned him enemies who have been working to see him fall.

Indeed, a year at KMP, troubles started emerging. He was accused of being involved in the murder of a Kampala businessman, Wilberforce Wamala and also of defrauding another called Paul Simmwogerere of Shs7 billion. Kaweesi denied these allegations. He and his close friends attributed these allegations; especially the one involving Semwogerere, to intrigue in the force.

Apparently, some senior officers who had disagreed with Kaweesi were behind these allegations to try to bring him down.

But others pointed a finger on Kaweesi himself.  For instance, Wamala’s widow even went as far as petitioning President Museveni fingering Kaweesi over being involved in her husband’s murder. Then a key witness was murdered in police cells, and the entire investigation in the murder was frustrated.

The other allegation leveled against Kaweesi was that he was a supporter of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, who in 2015 announced his candidature and contested against Museveni. This allegation, insiders say, saw Kaweesi fired from the post of Director Operations and appointed to head the Human Resource directorate.

But Kaweesi bounced back. His boss, Gen. Kayihura gave him an assignment to oversee training; especially at the Junior and Senior staff college, Bwebajja and also appointed him the new Spokesperson to improve police’s image. Kayihura had also tasked Kaweesi with overseeing his pet project of community policing, and Kaweesi had been admitted at the Kwazulu Natal University, where he was going to pursue a PhD in community policing.

Kaweesi’s career

2001: Joins police

2007-2009: Commandant Kabalye, Masindi

2011: Kampala Metropolitan Police

2014:  Director Operations

2015:  Human Resource

2016:  Police Spokesperson


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