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KASIWUKIRA JUDGEMENT: Widow acquitted, sister convicted


The High Court has acquitted the widow of murdered businessman Eria Ssebunya Bugembe aka Kasiwukira.

Sarah Nabikolo Ssebunya was acquitted Wednesday by Justice Wilson Masalu Musene but her co-accused, including cousin sister Sandra Nakungu and a Muyenga-based policeman Jayden Ashiraf, were found guilty and convicted for the 2014 murder of the prominent Kampala businessman.

Justice Musene ruled that there was a common intention formed by Ashiraf and Nakungu to murder Kasiwukira and conceal it as a fatal accident.

Ssebunya was a prominent city tycoon who was part of the Kwagalana Group who own a number businesses in the city. He was knocked dead in October 2014 as he jogged near his home in Muyenga in, Kampala.

The judge reached a decision to acquit Nabikolo, who prosecution had said was the sole funder of the mission to kill her husband ,basing on the fact that there was no single witness who  pointed a finger at her involvement. No evidence was shown that she was seen in meetings with Nakungu and Jayden plotting to murder Kasiwukira.

The convict Jayden Ashiraf was formerly attached to Muyenga community police which is also in charge Diplomate Zone where the late Kasiwukira resided.

Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya testifies earlier in the case. She has today been acquitted
Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya testifies earlier in the case. She has today been acquitted

The judge ruled that prosecution evidence squarely placed Jayden Ashiraf at the scene of crime as he was seen by several witnesses behind the wheel of the killer vehicle that knocked Kasiwukira dead on the morning of October 17, 2014.

Justice Musene rejected Jayden Ashiraf’s defence that he was promised sh20m, a job transfer and a big house by businessman Godfrey Kirumira if he implicated the widow Sarah Nabikolo and her sister Sandra Nakungu of Kasiwukira’s murder.

According to the judge , this defence was like a drowning man holding on to  a snake for safety  as it only worsened things for him because there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence against him that even  spoiling people’s names could not get him free.

The judge further ruled that  evidence shows that the  killer vehicle a pajero Mitsubishi UAE 018A belonged to Sandra Nakungu ; a sister in-law to Kasiwukira and according to the another piece of evidence by  the Inspector of Vehicles,  the repairs done on this vehicle indicated that the car had
been involved in an accident.


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