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Kamuli election loss leaves Musumba soul searching

FDC stalwart Salaamu Musumba suffered another election defeat in less than two years when she lost out to NRM’s Rehema Watongola, her arch rival for the Kamuli Municipality seat.

Watongola won the seat in 2016 and Musumba petitioned citing voter bribery and election malpractice. The bye election was tightly contested as both President Museveni and Kizza Besigye travelled to Kamuli to campaign for their respective candidates.

There was controversy when Musumba was found with weapons in her car which she claimed were for her personal security. Although she won the Kamuli LCV seat in 2012, Musumba had lost elections for the Bugabula South seat in the same district in 2006 and 2011. As the 2016 elections neared, Musumba mulled running for three seats; the Kamuli Woman MP held by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, the Kamuli Municipality, and Bugabula south which she won in 1996.


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