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Judith Nassali helps women, girls

Judith Nassali is the National Director for African Women and Girls Organisation in Uganda. Her work involves helping women “walk into self-discovery” and have an optimistic approach towards life.

She says helping people is a passion she always had from way back as a child. “I witnessed my parents as being welcoming to everyone and restoring lost hope to many which made me think of doing the same thing as an adult,” she said.

The love to help others relates well with the staunch Catholic families from which Nassali hails. This, she says, also helped her and her siblings to grow in a God-fearing environment that has even followed them on as adults.

Although she first ventured into business; mainly because she studied a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, the desire to help others got her back into working with an organisation that offers a wide range of programmes to women and girls.

The organisation’s work areas include self-development programmes that aim to bring out the potential of every woman through the evidence based programmes.

Nassali says her organization also offers stress removal programmes to women and girls for challenges that may emanate from not doing well in social relationships, poor health, and domestic violence problems.

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