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Jopadhola to celebrate 20 years of crowning Kwar Adhola Moses Owor

FILE PHOTO: His Royal Highness Kwar Adhola Moses Owor (left) welcomes a vistor at a previous celebration

Tororo, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG | Jopadhola in eastern Uganda are today marking the 20th anniversary of the crowning of Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor with a grand celebration at Achielet in Tororo.

Twenty years ago on on the 7th August 1999, Owor was installed as the cultural leader of the Jopadhola. The historic event took place in King George V stadium in Tororo Town after a cultural ritual performed by a one Opeti Obieto (RIP) and His Grace Yona Okoth (RIP) the then Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. Kwar Adhola Moses Owor is now 93 years old.

The leader of the Jopadhola was elected by consensus by an electoral college of the 52 registered clans in 1998. Hitherto each clan separately had its own clan leader called Kwar Nono (clan grandfather). And whereas the clan leaders had close association on account of common origin, none of them superintended over the others.

The new cultural leader was given the title Kwar Adhola (grandfather of the Jopadhola), and the new Union of the original and affiliated clans was christened Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution.

“I can safely state that this is an arrangement that has given rise to kingship among the Jopadhola and we must all individually and collectively embrace it; never moving backwards,” said Owor Jag Adrian, chair of the organising committee of today’s celebrations.

Photographs from the crowning in 1999.

“The King (Kere) of the Jopadhola has exhibited rare qualities of leadership rallying the Jopadhola living in Tororo, rest of Uganda and in the diaspora to be united and stressing that we must firmly assert our existence wherever we are. He is an epitome of unity.He is no doubt a personality with unmeasured humility and a large heart.”

Cultural displays, singing and dancing are among the several programmes lined up as the Jopadhola celebrate one institution that’s helped promote unity in the region.

“Our pledge today is, never to look back. Whoever desires to tear Padhola today shall instead remain the enemy of our people, especially as we reflect on the solid steps the Institution has moved to date,” remarked the kingdom’s Prime Minster (Jago) Obbo Richard Josel in anniversary comments published in a souvenir magazine.

The History of Padhola stretches as far back as 1500 when Adhola and his brother Owiny arrived in the present day Tororo District that was later referred to as Budama.


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