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Jinja hospital clinical officer arrested for raping patient

Kiira regional police spokesperson James Mubi confirmed report.

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Kiira region police are holding Juma Toola, a clinical officer attached to Jinja Regional Referral hospital for allegedly raping a patient on January 29th, 2022. Toola is locked up at Buwenge central police station.

It is alleged that the 20-year-old patient had gone for a dilation and curettage procedure after suffering a miscarriage when the clinical officer raped her during a medical examination. The Kiira regional police surgeon, Vincent Masinde examined the patient and confirmed that she had indeed been sexually abused.

The report shows that the rape victim sustained tears in her private parts and lost a lot of blood, which left her unconscious for close to three hours. The victim whose identities have been withheld, says that Toola locked her up inside the examination room, held her mouth, and raped her repeatedly.

He reportedly dumped her in the maternity ward thereafter and fled from the hospital. She says that well-wishers rushed her to Buwenge central police station where she was referred to a police surgeon for further examination.

Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi says that detectives started investigating the matter on January 30th, 2022. He says that Toola declined to voluntarily hand over himself to the police until he was arrested.

He says that Toola is facing rape charges and will appear in court once his file is complete.



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  1. It used to be that a female hcw should be present during administration of treatment involving this part of the body
    This male hcw is callous having carnal knowledge of a patient under distress!

    Not giving her supportive treatment when she lost blood! (Much as he ensured that she remains in a place where she could be helped)

    So how many females had he mistreated before?

    What are the chances that he is free of several viral/bacterial infection?

    What is the status of his mental health?
    Hopefully the remedy will serve as a deterrent to the so called “indisputable right to satisfy biological need”

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