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ISAIAH 60 PRODUCTIONS: The official 27 Guns trailer

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | After the recent shooting of scenes in Uganda’s capital Kampala including at Parliament, Isaiah 60 Productions have released the official trailer of the Ugandan film 27 Guns.

The film about the National Resistance Army (NRA) liberation war of the early 80s is directed by Natasha Karugire and Sharpe Ssewali, with Esteri Akandwanaho as producer.

The NRA under the leadership of Yoweri Museveni famously launched the Bush War in 1980 with an attack that started with 27 guns. That war ended with victory for the NRA in 1986, and Museveni sworn in as President of Uganda at the steps of parliament where he made the famous “fundamental change” speech.

Isaiah 60 Productions is owned by First Daughter Karugire and her cousin Akwandanaho, and the film on a piece of Ugandan history matches their goal, which is a desire to take part in the unfolding African narrative.


Beyond film production, Isaiah 60 Productions announced at their launch last year that they hoped “to rouse the discussion on what the African story is, has been, and can be and the significance of telling that story in our own voices, through our own lenses.

Filming of 27 Guns, started last year. Starring in the film are Arnold Mubangizi, Diana Kamunutu, Sezi Nuwewenka and Michael Wawuyo.

Primer Minister Rugunda launches Isaiah60 flanked by the company’s partners last year. COURTESY PHOTO



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