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Influx of street kids in Lira raises concern

Kids on the streets of Lira

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The influx of homeless street kids in Lira city is raising concern among residents.

Some street kids spit saliva at people, vandalize cars and often beat up pedestrians who refuse to give them money and also litter the streets.

People including children living on the streets of Lira city have resorted to robbing residents and road users for survival.

The most dangerous areas include Obote Avenue stretching through to the Mayor’s garden, Olwol road and Te-kulo Ojwina in West division.

Furious with the actions of the street kids, some residents are accusing the authorities of not doing much to get rid of the kids who have turned out to be a menace.

Morrison Ogwang, a mechanic along Obote Avenue says that he was attacked on his way home two weeks ago by a group of street children. Ogwang says that he was beaten and his phone and money were taken.

Tom Richard Okullo, a resident of Adyel in Lira City West Division blames parents for neglecting their children thus forcing them to the streets.

Ronald Ocoroloti, a parent says that all street kids should be removed from the town because they have become a public nuisance demanding money that they have not worked for.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson advised parents not to neglect their children, but engage them in domestic work and farming activities.

The number of people living on the streets of Lira city is estimated to be over 200.



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