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In The Independent: Karuma, Isimba to cost extra sh1.8 trillion

The big stories in this week’s The Independent. GET YOUR COPY NOW.
The big stories in this week’s The Independent. GET YOUR COPY NOW.

Cover story: Powerful Chinese lobby leaves Museveni helpless on Karuma, Isimba

Bickering between officials at the Energy Ministry and Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd is frustrating construction work at two of Uganda’s biggest power dams, which means that taxpayers could incur an extra Shs 1.8 trillion in construction cost, enough to build another dam.

Business: International trade goes hi-tech

Last Word Africa: thinking outside the box
As Andrew Mwenda wonders why Ugandans and other Africans demand their governments to provide services like their counterparts in developed countries do, he argues that African countries will have to endure a very long period of sustained growth and development to perform at the current level of many Western nations.

News Analysis: Ugandans who dodge taxes
A report by tax researchers reveals that rich professionals including government employees are not paying enough taxes hence causing avoidable revenue shortfalls. This report also faults URA’s work methods for abetting the problem.

Feature: Namilyango toast and a Queen’s birthday
As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday, Kavuma-Kaggwa, an elder from Mukono district, shares interesting memories of the Queen’s coronation from his student days when a dance was organised between Namilyango College and Mt St Mary’s college Namagunga in her honour.

Health: Tackling sickle cell disease
Why doctors say the biggest hindrance to fighting Sickle Cell anaemia disease is “ignorance” and how new technology can reduce chances of acquiring the disease by about 40%.

Business: International Trade goes hi-tech
The Electronic Single Window, a new innovation by URA, will ensure that importers and exporters take clear prerequisite transactions with all government agencies in a few days in what is seen a gallant move to ease trade in the region.

URA sweats over 2015/16 target
A weak shilling and intense political anxiety from the just-concluded elections have hit revenue monthly collection targets the third quarter of the current financial year. Now, URA is worried that this trend could hurt the realisation of its revenue target for the whole financial year.
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  1. James jones bantu

    Uganda revenue authority is so desparate to earn more revenue is costing us the business community in uganda, it seems ura doesn’t know how to use government fiscal policy to achieve better returns without hurting the economy. Take an example of this newly introduced system the scuda software, a total failure. It’s slow and not well streamlined to meet our business needs. As result it is taking up to 3 weeks to clear an imported car in mombasa than the old system which used to take 2-3 days. Our cars are stuck in the port of mombasa because of its inefficiency, it’s costing us more money to stay in mombasa waiting for clearance from uganda and to verify cars before release, honestly the one window system is a mess, not a solution to collect more taxes. We are appealing to the government to reverse this trend and revert to the old system which was fair for we business community or importers , we are losing money every single day at leat $ 40-50 as extra costs ,every single day we spend in kenya port of mombasa. There is no way you can justify the new system it’s childish not good for ura or government that looks up for its citizens to pay taxes it’s a step back word. Need to be reviewed or we shall take uganda government to court for all loses or extra costs we incur while waiting to be released from port

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