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In The Independent: Coup threat

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Coup threat

The last week has seen arrests of two opposition figures, a senior army officer and a brave attack by gunmen on a police station. Should the talk of a coup that is gaining traction with allegations of rebel activities be believed?

Beyond national policies and politics

Andrew Mwenda posits that having good governance credentials as a leader is not enough for one to stimulate a country’s economic growth, other factors like who a country’s neighbours are may also matter.

Getting more out of budget

The government is planning to increase public spending in the next financial year but some experts say it is punching above its weight. How true can be this be given that the country is getting low returns on its large infrastructure projects?


Budget priorities over the years

An analysis of Uganda’s budget priorities in the last five years shows that investment in infrastructure and enhancing agricultural productivity is what the government has zeroed on to spur growth but are there any results to show for it?

Dr Aceng’s challenge

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng was until recently the Director General of Health Services. After her promotion to Minister for Health, she faces the task of fixing the loopholes all her predecessors have failed to plug. Will she fare any better as she is an experienced technocrat and medical practitioner?

Mission Accomplished?

MTN Chief Executive Officer is returning to South Africa after barely two years in the position. Some say he could have performed better but he tells The Independent why he thinks he has finished his race with distinction.

Making tax education a priority

In an interview:
Godfrey Akena, the Principal of East Africa School of Taxation, talks about tax administration in Uganda and how the country can get the best out of agriculture.

Frankly Speaking:  Fashion designer Gloria Wavamuno talks about her dreams and how she has fared in the industry since she returned to the country in 2009.

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