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IGG, Chief Justice differ on fighting corruption

The Inspector General of Government Justice Faith Mulyagonja and the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe are embroiled in a disagreement over how to tackle a vice that is crippling the public sector in Uganda.

A few weeks back, while making remarks at the Annual Law Conference at Imperial Beach Hotel Entebbe, Katureebe expressed disappointment about the IGG pardoning two magistrates who took bribes of Shs1m and Shs3m.

The IGG had arrested them but later let them off the hook after they requested for pardon. IGG Mulyagonja in a report said prosecution is expensive and that the office cannot go after all culprits accused of embezzling little monies since there are few prosecutors in the first place.

We can’t prosecute every magistrate who takes a bribe of Shs250, 000, said Mulyagonja. Katureebe however stated that for corruption to be fought, every case should be prosecuted.



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