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Gen. Tumukunde dully nominated to contest for 2021 elections

Gen. Henry Tumukunde during nomination. Photo via @bamulanzeki

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Gen. Henry Tumukunde has been dully cleared by the Electoral Commission to contest for presidency in the 2021 general elections.

A slight anomaly had been found in Gen Tumukunde’s papers by the Electoral Commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama and tasked him to take oath to rectify it in time before being duly nominated.

At about 12:50 pm, Tumukunde’s nomination was deferred after an anomaly was detected in one of his nomination papers. According to the Electoral Commission, all the affidavits that accompanied the nomination papers had not been commissioned, an anomaly which could only be rectified by the commissioner of oaths.

When this happened, Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi, the presiding officer advised Tumukunde to go and swear an affidavit with a commissioner of oaths. He returned an hour later.

“The aspirant has rectified the anomaly that was in his nomination papers. We have verified and everything is now in order and I…do hereby declare Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu having fulfilled the nomination requirements…as a candidate,” Byabakama said.

Tumukunde selected a clock as a symbol he will use in the election as an independent candidate. After the nomination, Tumukunde was given a security truck with 10 Counter Terrorism Police personnel who will make up his security detail.

Byabakama asked him to avail the Commission with a name of the person who will coordinate his campaign. He also asked him to sign a Memorandum of Understanding committing him to adhere to the harmonized campaign program and also compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

Speaking to reporters after his nominations, Tumukunde said this is the time to have meaningful change in Uganda. “I invite my fellow opposition candidates to encourage a high turn up. If they turn up in large numbers, a new Uganda will certainly be a reality. This is the most important election in my life since the 1980’s.

I am honored to accept the mantle of leadership which the people of Uganda will be bestowing on. I have a belief that this will be a free and fair election,” Tumukunde said.

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