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Gen. Mbadi, Muhoozi takeover of UPDF

Gen. Elly Tumwine

Gen. Tumwine bombshell

The army changes came at a time when an unusual voice from within in the army had the same advice: prepare a smooth transition of power for the stability of the country. Those were the choice words of Gen. Elly Tumwine, the former minister of security as he handed over office to another bush war comrade, Maj Gen. (Rtd) Jim Muhwezi.

Tumwine’s advice was surprising because he has been a Museveni yes man from their days in the Luweero bush war. In his position as security minister, Tumwine was a hardliner who spared no effort to remind all and sundry that the army was the alpha and omega of governing the country.

His very public advice for Museveni however has generated excitement and won him plaudits from the public who saw him as a rabble rouser and a fiery defender of Museveni’s long stay in power. That said, some have dismissed Tumwine’s utterances as sour grapes because the General was dropped from cabinet. It was a double whammy for Tumwine who was not re-elected to parliament as a UPDF Representative having been an army MP since the NRA captured power.

He was the first NRA army commander in 1986 and has occupied other key position like Director General of External Security Organisation, minister of state for defence and chairman of the General Court Martial.

“I am happy about Gen. Tumwine’s comments,” said Semujju Nganda, the vocal Kira Municipality MP. “I know Tumwine as someone who loves power that is why his comments are a bit surprising.”

Other changes in the army reshuffle were read as katebe (demobilisation), Lt. Gen. Charles Angina was sent to Foreign Affairs, Lt. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu sent to Civil Service. Angina was previously deputy coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) which Museveni uses as a decoy for UPDF officers he does not want to actively deploy. Musanyufu was Joint Chief of Staff and has been replaced by Maj. Gen. Leopold Kyanda.

Other changes include Brig. Bob Ogik, who was appointed Chief of Staff land forces and Brig. Daniel Kakono Commander Field Artillery.


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