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Free prostate cancer testing

By Sarah Namulondo

Movember a global movement to create awareness on prostate cancer will today launch the free prostate cancer testing at Victoria University starting on Wednesday.

Movember Uganda 2012 is focusing on Early Presentation for Prostate Cancer Screening” with major focus on Men over 40 years who are more prone to the disease.

During this month, Movember will hold free Prostate Cancer Screenings every Wednesday at Victoria University Healthcare Centre and at Uganda Cancer Institute every Friday.

Dr Fred Okuka, a medical Oncologist at the Uganda Cancer Institute said that the prostate cancer testing came at a time when 40 out of 100,000 men in Uganda die from prostate cancer making it the number one cause of death among men 45 and above

He said that in America prostate cancer is prevalent among African American men but there survival rate super sides that of Africa because in America there is early detection of the disease while in Africa the disease is usually detected in its late stage.

Okuka said that the survival rate of prostate cancer is five years, but in Africa since the disease is detected late, only 46 men will be alive at the end of 5 years while the US has a staggering 98 men surviving after the five years survival rate because of early detection.

Although there has been no effort put into prostate cancer research since 1962, Okuka said the Movember movement this year is fundraising to ensure that  prostate cancer screening is made possible at an early stage.

The free testing was kick started with a fundraising shave off at Shoprite Lugogo by the country director Grameen foundation one of the partners of Movember and the founders, Sean Paauo and Dr Okuka.

Paauo said that they started with a shave off of their beards purposely to make it a starting point for discussing this very sensitive diseases which embarrasses most men to talk about.

He said that the money got out of the fundraising will be used to aid the prostate cancer research in Uganda.

Paauo said that last Year, Movember was able to raise 27 million shillings which was handed over to the Uganda Cancer Institute to facilitate Prostate Cancer Research and the project is in progress with its findings coming out in December 2013.

He said that Movember Uganda is partnering with Rotary club Uganda and Uganda Cancer Institute to raise funds to facilitate Prostate Cancer Parades country wide in 2013.

Dr Okuka said that men should get aware of the disease and go and register at Victoria University for the free testing of disease. He said that only early detection is the key to survival.

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