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Farting, moaning, crying among reported side-effects of AstraZeneca!

Uganda has already received her share of COVAX vaccines and is going ahead despite reports of cases of blood clots in Europe. Uganda has not recorded any such side effects so far.

📌 The list of self-reported side affects includes
✳ Crying (43 cases)
✳ Flatulence (89)
✳ Eye Color change (3)
✳ Altered time perception (2)
✳ Electric Shock (2)
✳ Day dreaming (4)
✳ Anger (10)
✳ Tooth discoloration (1)
✳ Thirst (402 cases)

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Because the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is still in the emergency-use stage, scientists are recording every side effect as it is being administered, and have so far come up with a strange-but-true list — all self reported.

While all eyes are on blood clots on the list of self-reported side effects, has run a special feature “The most ridiculous self-reported side effects to the AstraZeneca vaccine” that also states that in reality, scientists have not found evidence the blood clots were caused by the vaccine.

The list of self-reported side effects, that Quartz  got from scientists recording them, include farting pregnancy, day dreaming, alcohol poisoning, crying, daydreaming, anger and genital herpes.

The self reported side effects were recorded after being administered to over 11 million individuals in the UK.

“Hundreds of self-reported side effects might sound worrisome but a closer look is actually reassuring, ” said wrote Quartz science reporter Annalisa Merelli.

The report makes it clear that not only are people reporting all sorts of conditions they experience after taking the vaccine, including the ones that could never be caused by the vaccine, but that scientists are diligently keeping a record of it.

“This is why the vaccine got suspended, even if it is likely safe. The precautionary suspension is standard practice when it comes to new drugs, yet it has caused understandable concern in Europe, where it’s being interpreted—in part due to misleading reporting (in Italian)—as a sign the vaccine isn’t safe,” wrote  Annalisa Merelli.

Qaurtz goes on further to report that, “even the self-reported cases of blood clots is limited to one in 167,000 people—which is essentially the general prevalence of blood clots in the population. Commonly used drugs, such as birth control pills—which are sold without prescription in some countries—have a much higher incidence of blood clots (it’s one in 1,000 cases for birth control).”

Despite there being no direct link between the clots, and them not being any higher than those experienced with other drugs, more than a dozen countries—including DRC, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain—have suspended administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The DRC received 1.7 million AstraZeneca doses via the COVAX scheme, like Uganda and many African countries,  but is yet to start its inoculation programme.



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