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EU killing African immigrants

Today’s African leaders are all mostlikely under the shackles of mental slavery, having been individually silenced by the billions of Euro’s that pour annually into state coffers as foreign aid. Not even the African Union and the Pan-African parliament have uttered any condemnation.

Yet the despicable anti-immigration behaviour keeps growing before our very eyes. Their silence is possibly because these African institutions budgets and salaries are funded by the European Union and the U.S.

Now instead of African leaders and the continents institutions, it is a group of international lawyers in Europe who have finally filed a case for investigation against the EU at the International Criminal Court. The same court which just recently was despotically obstructed by the current White House administration from investigating probable American war criminals in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The international lawyers lawsuit filed at the ICC says that EU anti-immigration policies have resulted in: (i) the deaths by drowning of thousands of migrants, ii) the refoulement of tens of thousands of refugees attempting to flee the Libyan conflict, and iii) the EU is complicit in the subsequent crimes of deportation, murder, imprisonment, enslavement, torture, rape, persecution and other inhumane acts taking place in Libyan detention camps and torture houses.”

Personally, and as far as I know, all this is part of the European wall against immigration. And the African Union itself is an accomplice to the barbarity happening against African migrants. The AU receives funding from Europe to implement this brutal EU antiimmigration policy against Africans. Some of it is disguised as anti-terrorism activities in North Africa and the Sahel but is quietly designed to catch migrants before they make it to the Mediterranean Sea. This is going on behind the backs of the African populations who are never told the full scale of what is being
plotted with the EU in the corridors of the African Union headquarters. Today’s African elites are in the same ideological bankruptcy/mental slavery when it comes to facing European Union, U.S. and others.

Meanwhile US asylum officers are complaining against their own regime, saying that the current immigration policies of the White House are “fundamentally contrary to the moral fabric of our nation and our international and domestic legal obligations”.

I have searched in vain for one single African, Arab or Asian leader who has stood up on any international forum, be it the UN or elsewhere, to condemn the horrendous slave trade still taking place in Libya and in other EU detention centers across North Africa, plus the shocking anti-immigration policies being pursued across Europe, the U.S., Australia, Israel, New Zealand and elsewhere. As if all western countries are suddenly coordinating anti-immigration hatred and bigotry as national policy.

Meanwhile, our African leaders all seem to be acting like political slaves against our own people, and would not dare say or do anything against their foreign masters’ wishes. In fact they have become the enforcers of the tyranny against African migrants. Isn’t that exactly what is happening in North Africa, the Sahel countries and a few others in West Africa?

Documents from the international lawyers’ case at the ICC go on to say that the EU’s crimes against humanity “were consciously perpetrated by EU member states in the belief that sacrificing migrant lives at sea would deter African refugees from making the voyage across the Mediterranean”.

How inhumane and barbaric can one get against migrants and refugees?

Now it would be quite interesting to hear what public position African leaders take in this case. Our media is not asking them the tough questions. It would also be interesting to hear the response of the EU if any.

Remember that in recent months the ICC came under attack by the U.S. for investigating potential U.S. war criminals and their unlawful killings in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a single African leader commented when the Trump administration slapped sanctions on the court, including visa ban against the Chief Prosecutor herself Mme Fatou Bensouda, for doing their mandated job; an action that ostensibly amounted to blatant obstruction of international justice.

After African countries complaining of ICC racism for a whole decade, we kept quiet when the court was prevented from investigating western war criminals.

Now here we have the EU facing serious accusations of modern day slave trade, torture and mass murder of Africans on land and at sea with impunity in broad daylight and under a policy code-named Operation Sophia.


Hussein Lumumba Amin is social-political commentator based in Kampala



  1. All of this can be avoided with one simple solution. Stay home.

    • It is so said in the Holy Bible and maybe in Quran that God established where people would live and fixed boundaries. That is why it is an unforgivable sin to evict a family.

    • You tell the European the same shit. When they come to our country like the caribbean and south Africa and today call themself South Africans, and you as black are buying that crap. this animals are white people in South Africa. You dont notice that Trump is doing the same at this moment. try to chase people out of America, but he is a foreigner an his wife twice. You black people should stop disrespect our people with their youth and give proper informaition, insted of scream stay home.

  2. What on Earth gives you the right to invade ilegaly another country and have the balls to insist on being admitted? It’s not a right! Stay home and fix your problems

    • There are 1.3 billion Africans. All want to move out. Reason; Chinese and Russians have moved in. Africans need to take back their land and work and grow their own food. Europeans did for Centuries.

  3. The Truth is i wish we had good leaders. We won’t be struggling to use all sorts of means just to go to a place we are not welcomed. I wish Africa could be independent.

  4. In May 2015, I visited Italy to attend the Milan Expo 2015. On arrival at Milan Central Train Station, I was shocked with what I saw. Hundreds of Africans sleeping at the station, on the streets and all over. Surely our brothers have caused a social catastrophe to Italy. I was approached by one guy who was begging that I buy him food. He was from Nigeria, so he told me. I asked him if life was better on the streets of Milan than what he had left home in his country and the answer was rather vague. He told me he was running away from torture, corruption, insecurity, name it. But what shocked me most was his revelation that he and his family had spent USD 5,000 to get him to Italy. Surely, fellow Africans what do you expect the Europeans to do?

  5. Why will EU shout to African states about human rights while they are doing such acts???

  6. Lehlohonolo Moagi

    Fragility of human experience. Are we not all members of the Human race.

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