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EU killing African immigrants

Africans quiet as the EU builds an invisible but vicious wall of torture, slavery and blood in the deserts of North Africa

| Hussein Lumumba Amin | Many African refugees, including women and toddlers, drowned recently after their boat capsized in the vast Mediterranean Sea. They were attempting to migrate to Europe. At the same time, Italy became the first European Union (EU) country to pass fascist legislation where anyone who helps such African migrants and refugees from certain death at sea will face court, jail, and a huge fine.

I know that at this moment that Africans and their leaders are blissfully more concerned about the Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) football than the lives of our brothers and sisters but I would like to call on the EU and USA to put an end to their vicious and heartless hate policies against immigrants.

Compared to the physical wall U.S. President Donald Trump is building on the US-Mexico border, the EU has built an invisible but far more vicious wall of torture, slavery and blood in the deserts of North Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea.

I call on these nations to lead in showing respect for human dignity rather than love for cruelty and barbaric mistreatment of migrants and refugees. You cannot preach respect for humanity and applaud Uganda’s open door policy for refugees when you are busy seeing that migrants and refugees fleeing persecution and biting poverty are killed.

The EU is reportedly funding slave camps in Libya and all over North Africa where migrants and refugees are bundled, mistreated, denied safe sanctuary, tortured and/or even murdered on their behalf simply because of growing western xenophobia against immigrants.

It also turns out that today’s African leaders; including the entire African Union itself, all are colluding to persecute African political and economic refugees fleeing to Europe through North Africa. And these African leaders are doing so on behalf of the EU. That is how meticulous Europe is in organising and concealing the killings and vicious human rights abuse that they instigate against migrants. But why?

Well, extreme selfishness is one reason. They are willing to have Africans killed and/or tortured so that African refugees and economic migrants do not travel to Europe.

Yet for centuries, Europeans have travelled the world, lived anywhere they wished, worked there, exploited the countries and even ruled the foreign indigenous nations while plundering their human and mineral resources in the name of conquest and empire.

Now as we have been increasingly seeing for the last half century, they cannot stand foreigners (especially people from Africa) coming to live and work in Europe. With the revival of purported European nationalism in recent years (since the so-called 2015 migrant crisis that was largely created by Europeans and Americans bombing Middle Eastern nations to rubble and thereby forcing millions of innocent civilians to flee for their lives), there has since emerged a rise in political populism in Europe and America that sees hatred against migrants and refugees as the quick way to leadership.

This is the same path taken by Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany, with the consequences that we all know; especially for minority groups like black people, gypsies and Jews.

Since 2016, the EU has stepped up measures to stop African migrants of all categories from entering Europe altogether. Compared to Trump’s physical wall on the US-Mexican border, the EU has built an invisible but far more vicious wall of torture, slavery and blood in the deserts of North Africa.

In the last couple of years I have been asserting to whoever cared to listen that it is the EU (and their draconian anti-immigration policies) which is knowingly fuelling the disturbing slave trade in Libya. It is a deliberate attempt to discourage and prevent Africans from heading to Europe.

However, it is sad to see that not a single African leader, nor our 21st century neo-panafricanists or human rights activists have stood up to condemn the barbarity displayed in the actions of the Europeans against migrants and refugees. The same antiimmigration hate policies that are also now being practiced in Israel, Australia. In New Zealand the bigotry resulted in a radical extremist anti-immigration terrorist attack in Christ Church where over 50 innocent worshippers were brutally murdered by terrorist Brenton Tarrant, the heinous monster who killed them all live on social media simply because of their faith and their ethnic origins.


  1. All of this can be avoided with one simple solution. Stay home.

    • It is so said in the Holy Bible and maybe in Quran that God established where people would live and fixed boundaries. That is why it is an unforgivable sin to evict a family.

    • You tell the European the same shit. When they come to our country like the caribbean and south Africa and today call themself South Africans, and you as black are buying that crap. this animals are white people in South Africa. You dont notice that Trump is doing the same at this moment. try to chase people out of America, but he is a foreigner an his wife twice. You black people should stop disrespect our people with their youth and give proper informaition, insted of scream stay home.

  2. What on Earth gives you the right to invade ilegaly another country and have the balls to insist on being admitted? It’s not a right! Stay home and fix your problems

    • There are 1.3 billion Africans. All want to move out. Reason; Chinese and Russians have moved in. Africans need to take back their land and work and grow their own food. Europeans did for Centuries.

  3. The Truth is i wish we had good leaders. We won’t be struggling to use all sorts of means just to go to a place we are not welcomed. I wish Africa could be independent.

  4. In May 2015, I visited Italy to attend the Milan Expo 2015. On arrival at Milan Central Train Station, I was shocked with what I saw. Hundreds of Africans sleeping at the station, on the streets and all over. Surely our brothers have caused a social catastrophe to Italy. I was approached by one guy who was begging that I buy him food. He was from Nigeria, so he told me. I asked him if life was better on the streets of Milan than what he had left home in his country and the answer was rather vague. He told me he was running away from torture, corruption, insecurity, name it. But what shocked me most was his revelation that he and his family had spent USD 5,000 to get him to Italy. Surely, fellow Africans what do you expect the Europeans to do?

  5. Why will EU shout to African states about human rights while they are doing such acts???

  6. Lehlohonolo Moagi

    Fragility of human experience. Are we not all members of the Human race.

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