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Entebbe councilor takes oath inside vehicle

A cheerful Nalongo Joyce Kanakulya after taking oath

Entebbe, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The councillor representing the Elderly in Division A Entebbe Municipality took her oath inside a car due to injuries she sustained in an accident. 

74-year-old Nalongo Joyce Kanakulya, a retired nursery teacher, was knocked by a Boda Boda cyclist on Saturday along the Katabi-Kanonakali road.  She fractured both legs and one of her arms. The broken limbs have since been plastered. 

While the other 26 councillors for Division A walked the podium to take the oath, Kanakulya remained seated inside as she waited for the Grade One Magistrate Naomi Sikhoya to administer the oaths. 

When her name was read out, Sikhoya walked to Kanakulya’s car and administered the oath.

Immediately after taking the oath, Kanakulya asked Entebbe municipal council pays her 50 Million Shillings for the plot of land where Entebbe Changsha Model Primary School is currently located. 

She says that in 2003, the council took her land without compensating her. 

Ronald Kafeero and Sandra Arim, the male and female councillors representing Bugonga, Nakasamba and Kitasa village, were elected Division A Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively. 

At Division B, Democratic Party-DP’s Richard Ssekyondo took oath as chairman alongside 21 councillors.

DP’s Michael Kasozi was elected Division speaker and National Unity Platform-NUP’s Phionah Namutebi as his deputy.  

The outgoing Mayor Entebbe Vincent DePaul Kayanja boycotted the function saying he did not hand over to Fabrice Brad Rulinda because he “rigged the election.”



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