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Dubai fees worry Victoria University parents

By Pearl Natamba

Victoria University parents in Uganda are worried about raising particular fees to fly their children to Dubai where they will be studying after the University’s relationship with Buckingham, a British University ended recently.

The University was forced to make several changes after Buckingham suspended the validation of some of the courses offered at Victoria University in recent weeks. The affected courses include; accounting and finance, business management and media communication and Journalism.

The suspension of the courses was caused by the steps that Uganda took to have the anti-gay bill passed by Parliament, a move that never pleased the British.

It is said that a parent needs to pay sh8million for a visa to travel to Dubai. The parents have to pay other travel fees on top of the sh8million.

Upon reaching Dubai there are other fees for instance, upkeep fees and others that have to be met by the parents.

Some parents are telling the University to compensate them more than just refunding the tuition for last semester but also through retaining the lecturers.

“We want the University to retain the teachers that were teaching the Buckingham courses since they were employed by the Ugandan University so that the students can go further with their studies here in Uganda”, Pastor Mutebi Aaron a parent to a student at the told the Independent in an interview on Jan 23.

Other courses like Public Health and Nursing which were not affiliated to Buckingham are being taught at the University.

School in Dubai opens on Feb. 9.

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