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DStv cracks down on password sharing

Cape Town, South Africa | MELODY CHIRONDA | In an effort to curb password sharing and piracy, MultiChoice Group has announced that it will limit DStv streaming services to one device at a time.

The sharing of passwords had become a norm between families and friends.

The broadcaster said, “As part of our ongoing efforts to counteract password sharing and piracy, while continuing to bring you the best viewing experience, we will be introducing measures to limit concurrent streaming. From 22 March 2022 customers will be limited to streaming DStv on one device at a time. They will still be able to watch previously downloaded content on a second device.”

DStv added that they would not limit the number of devices that can be linked to an account, and that offline features and viewing will not be limited.

The change will be made to all DStv subscriptions in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Showmax customers are not affected, MultiChoice said.

The changes have angered DStv subscribers, who took to social media to complain.

@Arfness –  DStv doing everything possible to lose me as a premium customer, it seems. Actively reducing the value of the overpriced offering I pay for.

@S11E11B11A –  So vele vele 22nd of March will be the last day most of us watch anything on DSTV ? Lol

@MrThizozo –  The problem with Some South Africans they still think for DSTV while DSTV doesn’t want to think for them!! It’s 2022 and you still telling me that DSTV is better you won’t buy data for streaming?? That time you stuck with Anaconda repeats. ko NETFLIX we watch new things daily.

@Wambamsport –  This is pathetic @DStv The South African public isn’t going to be happy with you useless clowns.

@Metroplex_T –  DSTV just killed itself sending multichoice customers exiting for Netflix

@KayCif3R –  Tlogelang DsTV. The prices are going up but you have less access. That time your salary has stayed the same. Not worth it. Get a streaming service or pirate



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