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DP renegades face disciplinary action

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Democratic Party is set to bring more than 15 youth members who participated in the disputed youth elections to disciplinary action.

Party president Norbert Mao said during the press conference in Kampala on Tuesday that the National Council met on Friday and proposed a resolution against the stubborn members of the party youth wing.

“There is no crisis in DP, it is just a leadership dispute among the young members of Democratic Party,” he said.

Mao denied claims that he sent the Police to stop the elections, which were scheduled to take place on the 3rd and the 4th of April at Namboole Stadium.

“I was accused of sending the police, categorically I deny that because that is not what am aspiring for, I am aspiring to become a president,” he added.

Mao explained that the day his critics say he sent the police, he had an engagement in Abuja.

He rubbished claims that UYD is independent from the main stream DP and said that disciplinary proceedings will range from reprimanding to expulsion and the inquiries will be carried out in the open.

The members due to face the disciplinary action include Vicent Mayanja, the Chairman of the disputed elections, Sulaiman Kidandala, Angella Asere, Kenneth Paul Kakande, Brenda Nabukenya Luwero Woman MP, Muyizi Samuel, Kalibbala Ashraf, Mbabazi Ritah, Kata Ivan, Wasswa Charles Sewino Lawrence, Eric Onzima, Patrick Katuramu among others.

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