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Donald Trump bungles, again

President Donald Trump

Kampala, Uganda |THE INDEPENDENT | Just hours after British Prime Minister Theresa May had said it was “wrong” of the U.S. President Donald Trump to re-tweet three anti-Muslim videos posted by a British far-Right group, Trump duly fired off his response on Twitter.

In his haste to tweet his testy riposte, though, Trump tweeted to the wrong Theresa May or Theresa Scrivener, to be precise.

However, @theresamay is not the Prime Minister: She has six followers on Twitter and follows 103 people and her handle is @theresamay.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, has the Twitter handle @theresa_may and has 419,000 followers. “Wrong twitter handle. And that’s just the start,” Carrie Symonds, director of communications at the Conservative Party, tweeted.

Trump corrected his mistake about 20 minutes later, deleting the original post and this time mentioning the right @theresa_may. Trump has made same error before.

A few days before his inauguration in January, Trump accidentally tweeted Ivanka Majic, who lives in Brighton, rather than his daughter who goes by the same first name.

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