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Denise Mirembe;Art entrepreneur

By the Indepenent Team

Daisy Mirembe’s passion for Christ, art and adventure left her with only one choice – to pursue a degree in Industrial and Fine Art at Makerere University so as to craft a career out of it. She started SetapArt Prints, a brand of T-shirts, with the aim of spreading the gospel through art.

“The T-shirts are designed with prints of Christian messages, which is my way of doing evangelism,” says Mirembe.

“The designs are made with encouraging messages to restore hope and faith especially to those who have reached situations of ‘enough is enough’ or giving up on life.”

From her personal savings, Mirembe successfully raised Shs 2.5 million to start the business two years ago. Her plan is to expand beyond borders.

She says that while some prints require hand-work, others are best designed with an artistic touch depending on the nature and make of material. Natural fabrics like cotton and silk are the best to work with, as they readily accept dyes and paints.

NGOs and schools constitute the greatest percentage of her clients although even individual customers pop in once in a while.

Success tips; Build a brand based on quality

Since launching out, Mirembe has relied on building a brand that clients can trust, associate with and recommend to others.

“Not all t-shirts are the same and not all prints are the same. Quality is paramount to your brand and for the start, it is best to sacrifice higher profit for quality,” she says emphatically

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