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COVID-19; Acholi paramount chief stuck in London

Acholi Paramount Chief David Onen Acana II speaking at the launch of the third edition of Acholi Cultural Festival in Kitgum Municipality on Friday evening. Photo By Julius Ocungi.

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  The Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana II is currently stuck in the United Kingdom following a worldwide lockdown over the coronavirus Pandemic.

Acana who heads the Ker Kwaro Acholi Chiefdom, flew to London for personal business in March. He was also scheduled to attend an Acholi convention that was due to take a few weeks ago, but got caught up when countries including the UK started to lockdowns, and flights in and outside the country banned.

The ban came at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has been spreading around the world like wildfire, infecting up to 1 million people and killing thousands more. Countries across the world opted to close their borders to take the virus.

According to the Ker Kwaro Acholi, Prime Minister Ambrose Olaa, the kingdom has been in constant contact with the paramount chief since the lockdown. He says that the subjects of Acholi in London and helping to ensure that he is well.

Olaa says that Rwot Acana will return, God willing, when everything  returns to normal.

Earlier on, while updating the President on her trip to Northern Uganda to talk about COVID-19 and evil spirits, Esther Mbayo, the Minister for Presidency said the Paramount chief had been caught up in the lockdown in London.

The chiefdom leadership is composed of the Paramount Chief, the Deputy Acholi Chief, the Executive Council, and a technical team led by the Prime Minister among others.

The Acholi have 57 Independent chiefdoms that work irrespective of the availability of the Paramount chief.



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