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Cost of health care fell in December 2021: UBOS

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Ugandans seeking health services paid less in December compared to the same period year ending November 2021, according to the report published the Uganda Bureau of Statistics(UBOS)

The report released by UBOS at their offices in Kampala indicates that Ugandans paid 5.4 shillings less on every 100 shillings spent mainly on outpatient services especially the dentistry units, Ear ,Nose and Throat medications.

Edgar Niyimpa, a principal statistician at UBOS says health is a big division with many components and not all of them declined, but those that reduced had a great impact on the overall inflation figure because of their weight.

The December price is 2 shilling less on every 100 shillings as seen in November which had 5.6 spent. And this was mainly due to the annual and health products inflation which decreased by 1.4 shillings on every 100 shilling spent in the 12 months ending December 2021 which was down from 1.6 shillings in the year ending November 2021.

Additionally, the outpatient care services inflation also decreased to 3.7 shillings on every 100 shillings from 3.9 shillings on every 100 in November.

However, the report indicated an increase in prices of other consumer goods, where food and nonalcoholic beverages increased to 5.3 shilling spent on every 100 shilling up from 4.6 shilling in November.

Selected consumer goods which increased in prices include Malewa whose kilogram is now at 12,691 shillings up from 11,536 in November, fresh beans at 4,457 up from 4,216 in November, whole grain maize at 1,250 from 1,157 shillings. However, price changes were partially attributed to the seasonal yields.

Other increments were indicated in the transport sector where a Ugandan paid 4.2 shillings more on every 100 shilling spent in transport fares, and this was attributed to the increase in fuel prices. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics also increased by 1.2 shillings on every 100 shilling spent and this was due to the festive season which increased their demand among the population.

The housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuel charges increased by 0.5 shillings on every 100 spent between November and December.

Continually, the annual energy, fuel and utilities inflation EFU increased to 3.2 shilling on every 100 up from -2.0 in November and this was due to the annual liquid fuel inflation that increased to 15.7 shillings on every 100 up from 11.4 on every 100 in November.

Specifically, annual petrol prices increased by 19.2 shillings on 100 shilling in December 2021 up from 14.5 shillings on every 100 spent in November.

Generally, at 2.2 %, the calendar year 2021 registered reduction in the annual average inflation rate compared to the 2.8% of 2020. And the annual average core inflation for the same period also decreased to 2.8% from 3.2%.



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