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Construction of new market in Mukono stalls over land

Plans are for Mukono to have a market as big as this in Tororo

Mukono, Uganda  | THE INDEPENDENT | The proposed construction of a modern market in Mukono Municipality hangs in balance due to the lack of sufficient land.

The municipality was given green light by the Ministry of Local Government to present all the necessary requirements which include the land title and benefit from the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Programme-MATIP financed by the African Development Bank-AfDB.

However, Deputy Town Clerk Majerani Luboyera says that there is no sufficient land in the area where the market can be constructed.

Currently, the main Market for the municipality known as Kame Valley Market sits on space close to one acre yet the Ministry needs two acres of land. Luboyera says they still have two months to submit their response to the ministry.

Juma Kafeero, one of the land owners next to the market says have been approached by the municipal authorities requesting him to donate land where the market will be constructed.

Besides, inadequate land, the municipality is yet to identify alternative space to relocate vendors when construction of the new market begins.

CURRENT STATE: Part of Kame Valley Market, the Central Market for Mukono Municipality PHOTO URN

Kame valley market has over 300 stalls for agricultural produce, fisheries, poultry, and animal slaughter slab. On Tuesdays, it accommodates a population of over 200 vendors. The market is mainly known for supporting other small markets in the parts of the municipality with mainly produce.

Alex Kivumbi, a vendor says they are not willing to pave way for the construction of the new market without assurance of temporary working space.

The Kame Valley Market Chairperson, Chairperson Geoffrey Sserunjogi appealed to the municipal authorities to do what it takes to ensure a new market is constructed.

According to Sserunjogi, the market is filthy during rainy seasons and lacks proper sanitary facilities and a drainage channel at the slaughter slab.

“The market contributes to heavy traffic whenever there is an open market day, vendors dealing in clothes display them in the middle of the road but once we get a modern structure with a bigger space, such a challenge can become mythical.



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