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COMMENT: The Democratic Party shall never die

DP shall not die

I have written this article purposely to tell all the people of Uganda from top to bottom that the Democratic Party DP shall never die.  It will live for ever and ever.  It is   like the waters of   River Nile.  The Democratic  Party  was  founded  on  October 6, 1954 at Rubaga and it stands on the  strongest foundation  and pillars of  the  Catholic church.

It  is the  Democratic Party  which  has been fighting for real  democracy  in this  country and the  multi-party  system which  was revived in 2005 and it is now fully entrenched in the Uganda Constitution.

Because the Democratic Party fought for democracy and the multi-party system, Ugandans are now democratically represented in the national parliament.

The  DP  was founded  by  eight  young  revolutionary Catholics  to fight for  Uganda’s  Independence and  National  Unity.  These were the products of the famous Catholic Schools:  Namilyango College, St. Mary’s College Kisubi, St. Henry’s College Kitovu, and St. Peter Secondary School Nsambya.

These were Joseph Kasolo, who was the founding President General, Joseph Kasule, who was the founding Secretary General, S.B. Kibuuka, P. Nsubuga, A.B Serubiri, L.M. Tyaba, M. Kiddu and Alfonse Ntale.

The Party’s colours are White and Green.  The Green colour was placed in the middle of Uganda’s National Flag at the time of Independence symbolising Peace, Truth and Justice.  The Green colour means Uganda a Green Country.

A proposal will soon be tabled in Parliament by some DP Members of Parliament that the Green colour should be at the bottom of the Uganda Flag to symbolize that Uganda is a Green Country and the Pearl of Africa.

Besides Uganda National Congress which  was founded  on March 2,1952 at the  Kabaka’s  Lake  at Mengo, the Democratic  Party  is the Mother of  Politics in Uganda and it is  a training ground of the present day politicians.

DP is like schools such as Namilyango College, King’s College Buddo, Gayaza High School, St. Mary’s College Kisubi and others, which produce Ugandans dedicated to service.  You don’t say those colleges will collapse when some students leave.  They do not collapse. Instead they continue producing more educated people. So is the Democratic Party which continues producing committed politicians for the country.

Many people who are running the  NRM Government  today, started their  politics in the Democratic  Party and one of  them is the  current  Minister   for  Finance and  Economic Planning, Matia  Kasaija.   There are also others like Dr.  Kisamba  Mugerwa of Bulemeezi, Mrs. Sarah Nkonge Muwonge,  former Vice President Dr. Speciaoza Wandira Kazibwe, and Mrs Maria Mutagamba former Minister   for Tourism.

When I was in Nairobi during the  1996 General Elections  and  Mutagamba was the Secretary for  Elections at the  DP Headquarters, I communicated with her  daily to make  sure that DP  wins the  elections  in the Acholi Region and it  did.

The current Politics today where President Museveni picks somebody from the Democratic Party and appoints him/ her a Minister or an ambassador is a normal thing and depends on how principled the person being appointed is.  It answers the old question – What is politics? The correct the answer is: Politics means sharing power and money.

However, two schools of thoughts have emerged about Museveni’s appointment of opposition politicians.  There are those who are opposed to it saying Museveni’s plan is to weaken the opposition.  Then there are those who are  support  it  saying it is good to have  many Baganda as ministers in the NRM government in preparation  for  2021 when the  President  will be a Muganda  either form  NRM or  from the opposition.

President Museveni,  after realising the  way  Ugandan  politics is going  and realising  what could happen 2021, is  now  making a broad-based government. This is different from a government of National Unity or a Coalition Government, both of which require negotiations with the party or parties in opposition before forming such a government.

That way you have to agree, first on how you share the ministries in the Government which you form.  Currently, I cannot see President Museveni sharing power with Dr. Kizza Besigye to form that kind of government.  That would be like a lion and a buffalo sharing a birthday cake.

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