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Christine Luboga; textiles entrepreneur

By the Independent Team

Christine Luboga, a former Chemistry teacher, started Chrisams Designs in 1986, largely to employ herself and other people after pursuing fashion design training at the School of Fashions in London.  The rest is now history as the saying goes. Her initial capital was personal savings that enabled her purchase three industrial machines and kicked off production. Today, the enterprise has over 35 employees with an annual turnover of about Shs 350 million. After 29 years in business, Luboga has maintained specialty in the manufacturing, production and embroidery of garments for graduation gowns, clinical coats, company and institutional uniforms.

Success tips; embrace your expertise, love what you do

While many businesses fail to celebrate their fifth birthday, Chrisams Designs has stood the test of time. Luboga’s years of business experience have been characterized by research and focus on strengths as quickly and often as possible. Whether or not the business would be successful depends to a greater extent on how realistic and well-prepared the owner is. “Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. It’s a lot easier if you’re passionate about the purpose of your business. And if you don’t love what you do, it’s hard to be successful,” says Luboga. “You need to maintain your optimism. Once it’s gone, you’re done”. Luboga is not done yet. She is currently looking at diversifying the business and going into the export market in the near future.

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