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Carjackers murder special taxi driver in Mukono

the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owesigire

Mukono, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Mukono have arrested one suspect over the cold blooded  murder of a special hire driver with an intent of stealing his car.

The 58 years old Nyenje resident in Ggoma in Mukono Municipality Christopher Batte died of fatal injuries on his head and chest on Wednesday night.

According to the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owesigire, it is alleged that three suspects hired Batte to transport them to Bajjo village in Ggoma but turned against him along the way, strangled and stabbed the victim five times on the head and three times on the right hand.

They later wrapped his body in a blanket before they bundled him in the trunk of his vehicle registration number UAY 765H Toyota Premio, white in colour.

“As they were driving hastily, the car got stuck in a trench prompting them to call people around to help push it back on road,” Oweyesigire said.

However, people saw blood seeping from the car trunk and asked them what they were carrying, but the suspects didn’t give clear answers prompting residents to open the car trunk. 

The body was discovered and immediately the mob attacked the suspects injuring one while two who included a woman escaped amid the confusion. Police reached in time and managed to rescue one suspect who is receiving treatment at Mukono General Hospital pending interrogation. 

On the scene, a knife and rope were recovered in the vehicle and Batte’s body taken to Mulago hospital for postmortem. 

One of the eye witnesses John Mutunzi expressed regret that police rescued the suspect, saying this will encourage other killers to continue murdering people.

Peter Kazibwe, a son of the deceased, appealed to the police to do quick investigations and trace the other suspect to deliver justice to their family. 



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