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C-labs officially launched in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | C-labs, an Ultra-Modern Laboratory facility has officially been launched at International Hospital Kampala (IHK).

The internationally recognized diagnostic laboratory will be the leading medical laboratory in the region providing quality testing and diagnostics. C-Labs offers to include; Tumour Makers, Hormonal Tests, Vitamins, Cardiac Makers, Real-time-PCR COVID-19, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Hereditary Cancer Panels, Routine Tests, Viral Markers, Sexual Health Screen tests, Pregnancy testing and semen Analysis .

In his speech, the International Medical Group CEO, Sukhmeet Sandhu said “As the leading provider of private medical services, it is important that IMG Institutions continue to improve and evolve to meet the needs of our patients,”

“Our team is passionate and extremely driven about delivering quality and timely services. The laboratory team consist of highly experienced pathologists, medical technologists, medical technicians, lab assistants, microbiologists, and other specialists, all working collaboratively,” he added at the function held May 10.

Joel Oron, The IHK General Manager further explained that “Our focus is on continuous improvement, quality, innovation and client experience. C-lab has a well-trained team of technicians at our service centres who are supported by external experts from c-lab Mauritius and other parts of the world,”

While officiating the launch, Dr Susan Nabadda the commissioner of Laboratory Services at the Ministry of Health said that laboratory services are essential for the delivery of quality health care and should be made available to all the people in Uganda.

“Poor laboratory services subject patients to inappropriate/useless tests and thus treatments, and wastage of Scarce resources through high out-of-pocket and Government expenditures., adding that wrong diagnosis means wrong treatment or no treatment will be given, and the patient’s condition may actually become worse with possible loss of life,” Nabadda said.

“On the other hand, a well-functioning medical laboratory service provides accurate diagnosis and ensures that patients are treated in a timely manner on the basis of a correct diagnosis. This promotes better management of diseases, and faster recovery,” she added.

In efforts to strengthen lab services in Uganda in the year 2009, the MOH developed and published the Uganda National Health Laboratory Services Policy.

The policy aims to provide a framework for ensuring that the laboratory services in Uganda are strengthened at each level of healthcare delivery in terms of infrastructure, instrumentation, list of tests, personnel, training, regulatory issues, etc so as to adequately support the effective and efficient delivery of the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package (UNMHCP) to all people in Uganda, as advocated by the National Health Policy.

C-Lab Uganda is part of an internationally recognised diagnostic laboratory C-Lab based in Mauritius.

C-lab healthcare is part of an established group of healthcare companies called C-Care under Ciel investment group investments founded in 1912 and is based in Mauritius whilst maintaining a presence in more than 10 emerging markets across Africa and Asia: operating within six major sectors, including healthcare

C-Care was formed in 2014, acquiring stakes in Medical and Surgical Cente Ltd and transforming into C-Care.

C-Care owns, operates, and manages assets in the healthcare sector in Mauritius and across Sub-Saharan Africa. C-lab is an internationally recognized diagnostic laboratory based in Mauritius.

The laboratory started as part of a small clinic founded in 1953 called Darne. It later expanded into 10 collection points around Mauritius.

It was rebranded and incorporated in 2018 in Mauritius, and Uganda in 2022.

C-lab aims at being the leading and the benchmark medical laboratory in the region, providing quality testing activities that are internationally recognised for equivalence.

In 2014, Ceil Investments acquired a majority stake in International Medical Group (M) and has since invested significantly in Uganda to enable the provision of quality healthcare services.

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  1. It is an improvement of Uganda’s health sector.

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