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Busia streets sealed off ahead of Museveni

Busia Main Market expected to be commissioned today by the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Busia, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Police and military forces have sealed off streets in Busia town ahead of national resistance movement-NRM party presidential candidate president Yoweri Museveni’s campaign meeting.

President Museveni who is conducting his campaign in Bukedi region, has this morning started in Manafwa district. He is expected to hold a campaign meeting in Busia at Madibira P/S play ground on Tuesday afternoon where will first commission, a 25 billion shillings Busia main market at Solo C village and Busia’s 18.8 billion value addition project, whose construction has been completed in Busia Municipality.

Meanwhile, the security deployment has sealed off Justice Ogoola road, Municipal council to Madibira road, Jinja road to Justice Ogoola road among others. Road users both pedestrians and boda-boda riders as well as cars are diverted to Jinja road then connect to town and those who are going to district offices connects from Odoki road while others. The closed roads are being patrolled by Police and military personnel.

Jamal Lubwama, a boda-boda rider also resident at Madibira A village says that their business  is paralyzed because their stage is closed and are now scattered in town.

Ali Bwire says that the security deployment helps to stop chaos that may be caused by ‘confused’ youths.

Paul Kalikwan, the deputy resident district commissioner says that the president will only meet 107 delegates who were selected by the party team. He appeals to residents to abide by the instructions being issued by security personnel deployed.

Meanwhile, some residents say that they expect president Musevsni to address issues like poor health service delivery, and others partaining trade at Busia borders. Esther Ogoro, a resident, says that she wants President Museveni to tell them how modify produce businesses will be affected after commissioning the main market.

George Barasa, the chairman for Busia Municipality says that they want president to address issue of drug stock out,  the nonfunctional X-ray machine at Masafu hospital, and lack of a modern scanning machine in the facility, issues that force many Ugandans to crosses to neighboring Kenya to access health services.



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