Sunday , February 25 2018
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Buganda MPs advise on land lease

The Buganda Katikkiro ground breaking at Lweza Parish recently. Land issues have become an issue of national concern.

MPs from Buganda region have asked Buganda Kingdom to revisit a directive to Buganda Land Board (BLB) for the issuance of land titles to all subjects of Kabaka Mutebi occupying his land with a lease period of 49 years.

The MPS suggested a 99 year lease period which is long enough for tenants to have a legitimate arrangement.

The proposal was one of the issues raised in a meeting between the Buganda Parliamentary caucus and Katikkiro Charles Mayiga and his cabinet.

Buganda kingdom has come up with a new initiative dubbed Kyapa mu Ngalo (a land title at your hands) to check the rampant land evictions in the region but the move is causing friction between various sections in the kingdom and the Buganda region.

Cissy Namujju, the Woman MP for Lwengo District led the presentation of the proposal on behalf of MPs and the public who felt that the 49 year period was too short for tenants.

Katikkior Mayiga meets Buganda MPs

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