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BOU and CAA officials detained

FILE PHOTO: Head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Several officials from the Bank of Uganda and the Civil Aviation Authority are being questioned following an anomaly with a consignment belonging to the central bank. In a statement this afternoon, signed by the Governor Emmanuel Mutebile, The Central Bank didn’t mention the officials but said: “On April 27, 2019, Bank of Uganda received a consignment. During the verification process, BOU staff reported an anomaly in the inventory of the expected consignment.”

“Therefore, I requested the Anti-Corruption Unit of Statehouse to investigate the matter,” it added.

In another statement signed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the head of The State House Anti-Corruption Unit, said several officials from the central bank, civil aviation authority and the airport security personnel and customs officials are being questioned about the matter.

“The investigation is being carried out following the invitation by the Governor Bank of Uganda,” Nakalema said. But Nakalema’s statement only mentioned Bank of Uganda procurement and supply chain activities as a reason for questioning.

However, there are reports that the issue involves the printing of money, which was coming into the country. Uganda prints its money from Germany. Reports indicate that some of the officials at the Central Bank wanted to flee part of the money that was coming into the country. URN could neither verify this claim nor the amount involved.

In the past two years, the central bank has been cast into the public storm with several officials there accused of fraud.

An investigation by a Parliamentary committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises indicated there were irregularities in the closure of defunct banks – with indications that some officials at the bank could have benefited financially.




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  1. Andrew Kabogoza

    Excuse me! How can Bank of Uganda officials Flee part of the Bank notes minus SEAL,
    that money is delivered minus seals for each Bank note, how is it supposed to be used
    without a seal? Mind you those currency notes are delivered incomplete.Without seals.

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