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Archbishop urges parents to mentor children during festive season

Archbishop Dr John Baptist Odama of Gulu Archdiocese talking to his flocks after mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Gulu city. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Archbishop Dr John Baptist Odama of Gulu Archdiocese has urged parents to take seriously their parenting role during this festive season saying many children are getting wasted in the presence of their parents.

Archbishop Odama said many parents have neglected their responsibility of parenting, counting on others to look after their children something that is leading to more street goons than holistic citizens.

“Dear parents, you have a very big role to play, a very big one, the role of mentoring these children from young age up to the time they are big and even then, when you see them doing wrong things, challenge them because you still have power, don’t underestimate your power!”  says Archbishop Odama.

He said the rate of teenage pregnancy is worrying in the society, adding that is proof for parental negligence paving way for indiscipline to sink into children.

“During this Covid-19 lockdown alone, the country registered over 17,000 pregnancies, just within 9 months and these are reported cases, how about those ones that were not reported but resolved with money exchanging hands?” Archbishop Odama asked?

The archbishop also urged the cultural and religious leaders to be the light in the community saying majority are shying away from speaking against evils in the society, something that is making the society go from bad to worse.

“Teachers, religious and cultural leaders, God has put us there so that we can guide people in the correct way and when we do that we are guarding the population,” he said.



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