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Anti-Corruption units to be set up in Ministries

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr. Simon Lokodo has said anti-corruption units will be established in government ministries, departments and agencies.

This is a new strategy contained in the zero tolerance to corruption policy 2018 passed by cabinet last week. Fr Lokodo says the anti-corruption units will be vital in detecting and fighting corruption.

Briefing journalists on the new policy at media center this morning, Lokodo argued that the new policy is envisaged to re-invigorate the government resolve and commitment to fight corruption.

Key action points in the new policy are; strengthening partnership, coordination and synergies among all the anti-corruption stakeholders and enhancing the capacity of anti-corruption institutions.

The policy further aims to inculcating a culture of integrity, accountability and patriotism at all levels of society. Lokodo explained that this will be done in coordination with the pillars of change such as family, religious, cultural and educational institutions.

“Fellow country men and women, corruption in Uganda has become endemic and is destructive to the service delivery and productivity of our nation. Corruption has increasingly become complex in form, often practiced in syndicates with high level of concealment,” Lokodo said.

Lokodo defended the financial implications of the policy. Its implementation will cost Shillings 117 billion per financial year. This money is to be injected in anti-corruption agencies and units. He said Shillings 106 billion is currently injected in the core anti-corruption agencies.

This means to effect the new policy, additional Shillings 11 billion will be needed in the coming financial year. Lokodo argued the sustained anti-corruption campaigns require heavy investment to build robust capacity matching the sophisticated nature corrupt officials.

The approval of the new policy, Lokodo argued is a demonstration by government to firmly renew its commitment towards the fight against corruption.

“This policy will not only guide and coordinate government response towards incidences of corruption but also provides for the restoration of public sector ethics through creating appropriate behavioral change and strengthening the social and moral fabric right from the young generation to the aged populations,” he said.

Government institutions currently fighting corruption include; inspectorate of government, office of the director of public prosecutions, criminal investigations directorate of police, public procurement and disposal of public assets authority, anti-corruption division of the high court and directorate for ethics and integrity.



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