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Almeida, former headmaster Buganda Road PS passes on at 92


Norman Godinho. PHOTO BY joannainuganda2013 (link to photographer’s story -click)

One of the most respected educationists in Uganda, Joseph Almeida, has passed on at 92 in Goa, India.

The news was broken Sunday morning by Rajni Taylor, a top official of the Ugandan-Asian community.

Almeida was most famously remembered for his role as teacher and headmaster of Norman Godinho Primary School (now Buganda Road Primary School – SEE VIDEO BOTTOM) in Kampala,  between 1960  and 1994.

“With deep sorrow we regret to inform the passing of Mr Joseph Almeida, former Headmaster Of Buganda Road Primary school, former Head of Lohana school,  Ex Chairman of the Goan community in Uganda and Trustee of Kampala Institute,” said Taylor on facebook.

Almeda was born on March 17  1925, and died 8.45 am on June 4.

Rajni Taylor confirmed that there will be a funeral mass at Grace Church at 4.15pm on Monday, thereafter burial at Holy Spirit Church.

A former student of his, Ronald Mutumba, soon after wrote an obituary where he paid tribute to his headmaster, saying ” RIP Joseph Almeida…I am who I am because of u. Thank you for the support during the tough times 1979 – 1983.”





Joseph Almeida was born in 1925  in Uganda to Asian parents in the famous Goan Village, Entebbe.
His father, XE Almeida came to Uganda in 1910 and worked with the department of Works under the British colonial regime.

Almeida went to St. Theresa Primary School, Entebbe before leaving with his parents for India in 1946.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree at Karnatak University in 1953 and later in 1955 with a second Degree in Education at the same university.

In 1958, he came back to Uganda and got employed as a teacher in Shimoni Primary School then before joining Norman Gordinho Primary school (now Buganda Road Primary School) in 1960.

In 1972 following the expulsion of many of his colleagues of Asian origin, he was appointed headmaster of Buganda Road Primary School, where he spent the rest of his teaching before retiring in 1994 from government service. He transformed the school’s standard to one of Uganda’s best schools.

In 1993 he pioneered the establishment of LARCH-International, Uganda branch, a Canadian based NGO-building and rehabilitating people with disabilities.

In 1994, Almeida was requested by the Lohana Community to start up a school, hence the establishment of Lohana Academy.

By the time of his death, at 92 years, he was not married nor had any biological children, but before the eyes of God he has been and will always remain a father and reference point to thousands who have passed through his hands!

May his soul rest in eternal peace.





  1. Jos was my teacher at Norman godhino school in 1960 and 61 and his contribution to education in Uganda was immense. We all remember him fondly and salute his dedication to Uganda through thick and thin. May his soul rest in peace

  2. Rest In Peace Mr. Almeida. We thank God for your life.
    I remember you always asked me to pull up my socks

  3. Thank you Mr Almeida for your contribution to mine and the lives of thousands of other Goans and non-Goans alike. You will be remembered fondly by us all. RIP.

  4. RIP my children’s headteacher. You will always be remembered for nurturing the nation.

  5. RIP my beloved Headmaster. I’ve never and will never forget you for your contribution to our lives. Never racist, passionate maths teacher.

  6. R.I.P dear Joseph Almeida.Agreat maths teacher.may your candles never burn out.

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