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Acholi cultural institution struggles to operate

Ker Kwaro Acholi. Photo by Emmy Daniel Ojara

Gulu, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The Acholi Cultural Institution alias Ker Kwaro Acholi-KKA is struggling to operate due to financial challenges. The institution oversees the operations and activities of 57 Sub Chiefdoms in Acholi.

Rwot David Onen Acana II, the Acholi Paramount Chief disclosed that the institution requires over Shillings 1 million for its monthly operations but is short of finances. Acana told URN at their headquarters that the money is required to clear utility bills and administrative work such as conflict mediation resulting from land rows and border disputes among others.

The institution is currently struggling to meditate land conflicts between Acholi and Jonam in Nwoya and Pakwach districts respectively, Madi and Acholi in Apaa, Aswa Ranch in Pader and several other inter family and clan conflicts.

He says currently the institution doesn’t receive any support from well-wishers as well as the 57 sub clans under the Chiefdom. The paramount Chief disclosed that the Acholi Cultural Institution requires at least Shillings 400,000 monthly for maintaining sanitation and hygiene on its seven acres compound located at Kanyagoga Parish in Bardege-Layibi division Gulu City.

Ambrose Olaa, the Prime Minister Acholi Chiefdom, says they also spent over Shillings 500,000 monthly on water and electricity bills. He notes that currently the Paramount Chief foots the bill using his savings yet the institution is being used as a coordination center for the 57 sub chiefdoms in Acholi Sub Region.

Olaa  says the Ker Kwaro Acholi has also failed to institute it’s cabinet for production, social services, culture, women and youth affairs, finance and planning since the year 2012 when it’s only donor withdrew support because of financial mismanagement.

Currently, government supports each cultural institution with Shillings 5 million, which is meant for the welfare of the cultural leaders.



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  1. Rwot. Acero Richard Bongorwot 11

    Mr. Olaa Ambrosse i just want to find out about the 5million shillings you are saying that the current government is giving to the 57 chiefdoms in Acholi to help them run their chiefdoms and it comes to my surprise that am not recieving that fund as you published here .

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