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8 Watoto choir members from UK team test negative for COVID-19

Watoto Childrens Choir Performing in the UK

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Eight of the 22 Watoto Choir members from the United Kingdom have been discharged after tested negative to COVID-19, for the second time. 14 children and adults from the same choir had earlier tested positive to the deadly virus and are currently undergoing treatment.  

The news of the eight negative tests was announced by the Watoto Church Associate team leader Julius Rwotlonyo who was preaching on Thriving through tough times in the Sunday service. According to Rwotlonyo, the Church is relieved that the eight children have been discharged from quarantine, and taken to the Watoto villages, where they will continue to live in isolation.  

Rwotlonyo added that the choir of 22 from Canada has also been discharged after they all emerged negative for COVID-19 upon completion of several tests. He, however, asked the Church to keep praying for those on treatment until they attain complete recovery.     

Rwotlonyo in his sermon asked Christians to thrive even in times that are tough, instead of just surviving in tough times. According to Rwotlonyo, Christians should remain planted in Gods’ heart and they will flourish like palm trees.  

There are four more Watoto choir’s stuck abroad following a lockdown announced by the government to contain the spread of Coronavirus Disease.  Uganda so far has 55 cumulative cases of COVID-19. 

Twenty of these have been discharged from health facilities after responding to treatment, while the rest are active cases that are undergoing treatment.



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