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You buy the Truth, we pay the Price
Saturday, 20 August 2011 17:04 administrator
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Author: Roddy Boyd Reviewer: Ian McGugan Publisher: Wiley; 349pp

As he drove home from his meeting with Hank Greenberg, Gary Davis recalled the hours he had just spent with one of the world’s most powerful chief executives. At Greenberg's behest, the two men had niggled ad nauseam over the software costs and secretarial salaries for Davis’s unit.

Saturday, 20 August 2011 16:55 By Terry Kakeeto
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Puzzled by the rising cost of living and escalating prices of essential commodities, a man announces to his wife and other members of the family the adjustments he has made in the family budget for the year. The man’s memo is addressed to his wife and copied to the children, all dependants and relatives as below.

Saturday, 20 August 2011 16:48 administrator
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Eyewitnesses tell their story. Even if they all conspired to lie about Jesus’ resurrection, how could they have successfully kept the conspiracy for decades without one of them selling out? Peter (apostle Simon] told a crowd in Caesarea why he and the other disciples were so convinced Jesus was alive.

Saturday, 20 August 2011 16:48 By Donald Lule
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Do you recall the Mitsubishi Pajero of the late 1980s? Like many people, I loved this off-roader and other Mitsubishi generally, for the comfort, stability, power, and fuel economy. So why did its popularity fade away very fast?

Saturday, 13 August 2011 14:57 By Donald Lule
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With the skyrocketing prices of fuel in Uganda since the beginning of year, to Shs 3700 in Kampala and sometimes more in other places, many people are trying to find all possible new ways to save. Some think they can push the government to push prices down. As a result we have seen the various protests like the walk to work, the sit down strikes by traders and also the taxis drivers’ strike.

Saturday, 13 August 2011 14:40 By Margaret Muhanga Mugisa
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Title: My Life’s Journey Author: Janet Kataaha Museveni Publisher: Fountain Publishers Price: Shs25,000
Available: All leading book stores Reviewed by: Margaret Muhanga Mugisa

If I were to give an alternative title to My Life’s Journey by Janet Kataaha Kainembabazi Museveni, I would call it ‘From a Mom’s Heart’ It is a rare passionate book that touches every woman’s heart. Her life is not only a journey of ups and downs, appointments and disappointments, failures and successes, it paints a picture of victory coming thus far.

Saturday, 13 August 2011 14:21 administrator
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No serious historian really doubts Jesus was dead when he was taken down from the cross. However, many have questioned how Jesus’ body disappeared from the tomb. English journalist Dr Frank Morison initially thought the resurrection was either a myth or a hoax, and he began research to write a book refuting it. The book became famous but for reasons other than its original intent.

Friday, 05 August 2011 09:44
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I am amused many public and commercial vehicle drivers as they drive they struggle with the vehicles for they have to use a lot of energy to have control of the vehicles the main reason being that many drivers don’t mind of the condition of the vehicle and going to the garage will take time which is non- productive . Because of some defect or faults in the vehicle vibrations are created when you drive at certain speeds over 40 km/hour, you feel that the steering wheel suddenly begin to vibrate. This is even when your tyres are still in good condition and free of bulges and damaged threads. Sometimes you will feel slight vibration but other times you could hear thundering sound which only stops when you slow down your car.

Friday, 05 August 2011 09:42
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The growing notion that for any policy –including social policy – to be successful it must be evidence based or informed, has been shattered by Uganda’s successful story of a largely well controlled and managed HIV and AIDS epidemic.  John Kinsman, in this groundbreaking book, which boldly departs from the usual evidence/science-is-supreme flow, argues that Uganda’s spectacular ABC (abstinence, behaviour change and condoms) strategy originated from no more than a “hunch”.  Intrigued by what could actually have guided AIDS control in Uganda, the author investigated a flagship research which was set up in the early days of the epidemic to guide policy.

The research – Masaka Intervention Trials – which sought to promote delay in sexual debut among youngsters, zero-grazing (limiting the number of sexual partners) and treatment of STDs, conducted from 1994 – 1998 found that HIV incidence was identical in both intervention and control populations. Simply and bluntly put, the much coveted trial interventions had remarkably failed. And yet, as argued by many – scientists, politicians and ordinary people alike - since there was a general trend of improvement in the HIV and AIDS situation over time, Uganda must have been doing something right, and the “right thing” was precisely these interventions.  Uganda’s HIV prevalence reduced from as high as 39% in late 1980s in some places to just 6% in 2004 nationwide.

Author:John Kinsman

Publisher:Palgrave Macmillian, New York


Year of Publications:2010

Reviewer:Sam Agatre Okuonzi


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