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Woman gives birth to twins on roadside

Mudondo Hadija who gave birth two twins while at Tobin Health Center

Mbale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Hadija Mudondo, a resident of Kabwangasi sub county in Butebo district  gave birth to two bouncing babies along Mbale-Soroti Road in Mbale municipality on Tuesday afternoon.

Mudondo and her little sister had walked on foot for over 15 kilometers from Butebo district to Mbale Regional Referral hospital because of the ban on public transport.

According to Mudondo, when she started experiencing labour pains, she asked her young sister to accompany her to Mbale hospital. She explains that they tried to look for transport means to Mbale in vain.     

Mudondo explains that every Bod boda cyclist they stopped refused to carry them saying they weren’t ready to be beaten by security men for defying the presidential ban on public transport.

Mudondo says that they kept on walking until they reached Namakwekwe in Northern division when the labour pains intensified only to realise that one of the child had already come out. 

She decried the conditions under, which she delivered her twins, saying it was deplorable because of her failure to get transport.

Shortly after she delivered, an ambulance from Tobin General Clinic which was passing stopped and rushed her to the clinic for further management.     

Hadijja Naula, Mudondo’s young sister said they only rescued by passers and residents who helped her sister to give birth.

She blamed the situation on the ban of public transport.

Farida Gimono, an on looker said Mudondo gave birth while she was even still in her knickers only to realize the baby was dropping.     

Gimono asked  authorities to revise the directives and provide special laws to cater for the sick.

Banur Masaba, the in charge of Tobin Health Center where Mudondo is currently admitted, says that their ambulance was stopped by a traffic officer who asked them to take the patient to hospital.

He explains that the mother and the twins are currently doing well and that she will be kept at the health center for the next two days for monitoring since they were exposed to a dirty environment



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